Twitter Just Loved Beyoncé And Jay Z Watching Serena Williams At The US Open

by Tim McGovern

Beyoncé and Jay Z are officially drunk in love-15, because the two of them stopped by the US Open on Thursday to watch Serena Williams' match with Vania King.

There might be a King on the court, but the real royalty was our Queen B.

While Serena was dominating the court (she eventually won in straight sets, 6-3 and 6-3), Twitter could not get over the "Crazy In Love" couple's appearance.

I mean, can you imagine being at a Serena Williams tennis match as she seeks to beat Steffi Graf's Grand Slam record this US Open (not the Denny's kind)? That's already awesome.

But then throw in Beyoncé's attendance? Game, set, match.

I'd probably do something foolish, like ask Bey to autograph the lemonade I ordered. Stupid Tim, how is she going to sign a drink?!

Check out some Twitter's biggest freak-outs about Jay and Bey below, and let their love serve to show you that this relationship has no faults. OK, I'm done.

Ring the bells, sound the trumpets! King Hova and Queen B hath entered the arena. Bow down, ye bitches.

Honestly, I could 100 percent see an actual conversation unfolding exactly like this.

Someone could not contain their adoration of Bey's grand slam of an outfit.

I sincerely hope these upside-down smiling face emojis were not used sarcastically here!


One day, centuries from now, advanced civilizations will be baffled by what this strange heiroglyph means.

"Oh no. We're up next. Oh god, the anticipation is killing me."

Seriously, they look they're about to questioned for jury duty selection.

This is not a drill! Man your selfie battle stations! May Bey be with you all!


Honestly, this is how anyone would react if they found out their friend or family member or even LinkedIn connection was at this US Open match today.

To all my acquaintances who went to the match, keep your distance. My jealousy rage is fierce right now... Sasha Fierce.

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