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'Better Ways To Elect POTUS' Hashtag Makes Presidential Elections Way Funnier

Word around the water cooler is that our political system is broken. But this is America. When we want something fixed, we go to Twitter to bitch about it and craft witty one-liners.

Thanks to the trending hashtag #BetterWaysToElectPOTUS, we can have a real dialogue about reforming presidential elections... to make them way more entertaining.

Here are the best solutions for a reimagined political system.

May the most dexterous thumbs win.

It's only fair if everyone gets a head start over Chris Christie though.

Where's the Kickstarter for this? No joke, I will donate all my monies.

It's enough of a beauty pageant already.

As long as the monkey's cool with it.

Someone's definitely pitched this to Fox.

Hell. Yes.

We'd broadcast it live from a playground during recess, obvi.

While we're still on the playground...

An eagle's decision is a final decision.