Vegans Are Freaking Out Over Ben & Jerry's New Dairy-Free Ice Cream

I can only imagine living in a world where I couldn't eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's after a completely normal day at work.

So, now that Ben & Jerry's announced four non-dairy flavors of ice cream, I don't blame vegans for freaking the f*ck out.

The new vegan-friendly flavors are Chocolate Fudge Brownie, P.B. & Cookies, Coffee Caramel Fudge and, yes, Chunky Monkey.

They're all made with almond milk and are 100 percent dairy-free.  Vegans and others took to Twitter to share their feelings on this joyous day.

People are just so excited, they can't contain themselves.

There is no time for articulate thoughts or even typing.

They have been preparing for this moment for a long time.

It's more than some dared to imagine.

I think some vegan souls were healed today.

Faith is being restored. Peace and love and blessings all around.

Even the non-vegans are getting caught up in the hype.

People dating vegans right now, you know what you must do. Go, go, go, GO!

Happy for everyone! Now, go enjoy some dairy-free ice cream.

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