Beer Makes You A Sex Goddess And A Better Person, According To Science

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Science has confirmed that alcohol, especially beer, makes men and women (but mainly women) more confident about sex.

I don't know about you, but I would have never seen that coming. I guess that science really does enable us to explore realms formerly shut off to human comprehension.

A study by researchers in Switzerland has confirmed that drinking alcohol — especially beer — acts as a sexual lubricant, and makes it easier for people to view explicit sexual images. To add to this, the study proved that the effect is greater for women than it is for men.

Another effect of beer-drinking is positive behavior; the study showed that after downing half a liter of beer, study participants were more attracted to happy faces and social situations. No surprises there.

This study appears to be scientific proof for the fact that beer goggles do exist, and people really do appear to be more attractive after a few drinks.

However, also according to the study, no change was seen in sexual arousal. Shame.

The lead researcher, Professor Matthias Liechti from Basel University Hospital, described how there is surprisingly little scientific data on the effects that alcohol has when processing social information. He explained,

We found that drinking a glass of beer helps people see happy faces faster, and enhances concern for positive emotional situations. Alcohol also facilitates the viewing of sexual images, consistent with disinhibition, but it does not actually enhance sexual arousal.

Professor Liechti then drew a truly groundbreaking conclusion: "These effects of alcohol on social cognition likely enhance sociability."

Science really does do incredible things.

The study was presented at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) annual meeting in Vienna and also is included in the journal Psychopharmacology.

The researchers picked 60 healthy volunteers aged 18 to 50 and gave half of them a half liter glass of alcoholic beer and the other half non-alcoholic beer. They were then asked to perform a range of tasks including a face recognition test, an empathy test and a sexual arousal test.

And the science world was loving it.

Former chairman of the ECNP Scientific Program Committee, Professor Wim van den Brink, said,

This is an interesting study confirming conventional wisdom that alcohol is a social lubricant and that moderate use of alcohol makes people happier, more social and less inhibited when it comes to sexual engagement.

Bottoms up.

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