BBC Trolled This Guy Who Left The Dumbest Comment On Its Facebook

You know what the best kind of sass is? Sass delivered by someone who NEVER gives sass. Someone -- or something, in this case -- like the BBC.

For those who don't know, the British Broadcasting Company is the most unbiased and neutral media platform in the UK.

So, when it smacks a reader down on Facebook, it's totally out of the blue and hilarious.

Check this out. The Beeb (as we call it across the pond) posted this very serious story on its Facebook page:

It's only natural to get a load of dumbass comments underneath, like this one from Graham Sclater:

Most of the time publishers ignore these idiots, but maybe, the social media guy over at the Beeb was having a bad day when he replied saying this:

Schooled. Absolutely schooled. Graham's going to need some aftersun for that aggressive burn.

Hats off to the Beeb for breaking protocol and owning this chump. It was totally worth the talking-to this social media person probably got from his boss.

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