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Bank Manager Viciously Spanks Employees On Stage In Bizarre Public Shaming

A stern word in the office would have been enough, but this boss decided to publicly shame his employees for doing a bad job by spanking them on stage.

The shocking video, which was posted on the People's Daily China Facebook page, shows eight workers lined up in front of a room full of people.

A comment written alongside the article reads,

Shocking: Manager spanks employees at a Rural Commercial Bank for not "exceeding themselves" in Changzhi.

The man, believed to be a bank manager, reportedly shouts that the staff had not been doing a good enough job.

He then walks past each employee and brutally smacks them on the behind with a long object.

He spanks them four times each as the audience watches on in silence.

Toward the end of the punishment, a couple of employees are seen wincing in pain.

Viewers slammed the public shaming as "disgusting" and "downright immoral."

Many called for the manager to be fired.

The video first appeared on Chinese social media website Weibo. The People's Daily is an official media organization of the Chinese Communist Party.

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