Why I Don't Understand The Hype Behind The Balmain x H&M Collaboration

What happens when you take a fairly affordable, trendy clothing store like H&M and pair it with one of the hottest fashion brands in the world (Balmain)?

In short: chaos.

In long: Many innocent people are going to get hurt by the masses.

As you know, masses of fashion fanatics, crazies and shoppers lined up overnight for the release of H&M’s autumn collaboration with Balmain.

Although I was really annoyed many people didn't know about the wonderful creations by Balmain until its clothes were being draped over the Kardashians and Jenners, I couldn't help but smile in my heart when I saw the brand partnering with H&M.

“We have a lot of visitors on the site right now. This is due to the high level of interest in our latest collection,” read the error message that continued to pop up on my screen from the H&M site.


“We are working as efficiently as possible to give you access. Please try again soon.”

Try again? Working as efficiently as possible?

I would say they weren't efficient enough.

I immediately found my inbox flooded with emails from fashion media outlets, citing incidence reports from London and New York, as stores were mobbed by crazed shoppers.

This was like the Black Friday of the fashion world. Except it was much worse because it included the delicacies of Balmain.

I found myself searching online and through Instagram, where accounts such as @thecatwalkitalia had posted videos of shoppers fighting to death over a black jacket and green dress.

Like any good thing bought from a department store, we are already seeing items from the collection circulating on selling outlets like eBay for more than twice the original amount.

It led me to contemplate the ultimate question I had about all this: Is fashion really about wearing it, or is it about banking off the hopes and dreams of other people?

How many normal, everyday, working people actually wear Balmain? Or actually sport a $500 dress on the regular?

If my bank account could match my lavish lifestyle's wants and needs, of course I would.

However, what about the people who will never actually wear these clothes, but have braved the weather, intense security and demanding public for hours on end, just to snag a dress or a pair of shoes to upload on eBay?

The fashionista inside of me becomes angry.

I think to myself, "After all that hard work, I’m going to sport those shoes or that dress every day until I feel I’ve put a dent into how much I've paid."

On the other hand, the businesswoman in me thinks it’s pure genius. Technically speaking, once I purchase the item in question, it is mine (well, to a degree).

So if I just have a change of heart within a matter of 15 minutes after purchasing the item, it can’t go into landfills, right?

So I will sell it.

Of course, I will allot travel time, waiting time and any medical bills I procured while scrimmaging through the store, and hike up the price on an outlet site like eBay.

The best thing is, people will buy it.

People like this writer, who eagerly stayed at home, thinking perhaps she’d get to see even a glimpse of heaven on the H&M site, but instead was torn down.

So, get ready everyone. Watch as the Balmain collection becomes a "Hunger Games" style battle all across the 350-plus H&M stores worldwide.

Every Instagram post, Facebook status and liked Tweet will contain parts of the collection, and you will have to witness every single woman you know -- whether she has the money or not -- sporting around the same outfit, and the same reincarnated look that would appear like it was on the Jenners first (because it was).

In the end, those who couldn't be there will somehow make the legacy live on by purchasing the marked-up version (which is probably the equivalent of rent for some people), and making it seem like they were there.