Reuters/Aly Song

This Adult Ball Pit Lets You Relive Your Childhood While Drinking Alcohol


A San Francisco-based event combines all the best parts of being a child and an adult: well-hidden vomit, foot rashes and the smell of plastic.

Forward Motion, an organization founded last year by Ryan Lum, created a “ball pit bar” that allows customers to drink cocktails and relive their childhoods in a colorful pit of polyethylene.

In an interview with Mashable, Lum shared,

The atmosphere allows guests to shake up the monotony of a normal night out. Lum recalled,

The bar was only open on March 19 and 20, but Lum is optimistic there will be future ball pit pop-up events.

Lum said,

Those of you who are already furiously Googling to find the next event can relax because, come April, the "ball pit bar" will rise again for a night at Monarch in San Francisco, and other cities are on the horizon.

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