Genius Newborn Baby Says 'Hello' To Her Mom In This Insane Video

Kelly Knox

Oh, your baby just smiled at you? Oh, your baby just grabbed your nose? Oh, your baby just giggled?

Well, this baby just said her first word when she was 7 months old so not to be a dick, but your baby is the Salieri to this Mozart of an infant.

Future genius Evelyn Matthews uttered the word "hello" after being prompted by her mother Sara, and the whole thing was captured on camera. Watch the video above if you don't believe me.

I mean, there's a small chance she was just trying to sing some Adele.

Not to be outdone (because clearly this baby will go on to solve world hunger), Evelyn also rolled over for the first time at 3 months.

Is there anything that Evelyn can't do? The answer is no. Evelyn is a Jedi-in-training.

Wait a second. Evelyn... Elevyn... Eleven? Is Evelyn actually Eleven from "Stranger Things?"

Time will tell...

After catching her daughter saying "hello" when prompted, Sara, who is a lawyer across the pond in Newport, south Wales, forwarded the video to her husband James.

Needless to say, James couldn't believe his eyes. Who can blame him? When I was 7 months old, the only communication I could perform involved screaming and crying.

Honestly, not that much has changed in that department.

Sara opened about how this viral video came about, saying,

I was repeatedly saying 'hello,' and you can see that she is really concentrating and trying to say something back. That made me keep the recording going -- I felt that it was a build up to something, and the expression on her face seemed like she was really thinking about it. Then she says it quite clearly. I was really shocked and immediately showed the video to all my friends and family.

She also shared it with the rest of the world. Thanks for making parents all over the globe jealous, Sara!

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