Adorable Baby Eating Bacon For The First Time Is Actually All Of Us (Video)

by Eitan Levine


Technically speaking, December 30 is International Bacon Day.

I say "technically" because every day is International Bacon Day -- unless you have a sodium problem or are Jewish, and even then, you can have turkey bacon.

Granted, it's not as good and kinda tastes like dehydrated leather, but it's still edible, and, you know what, it's probably the best tasting turkey-substitute food out there.

That's how good bacon is. Even having the real deal substituted with turkey meat doesn't completely ruin it, and turkey meat SUCKS. You ever have a turkey burger that didn't taste like an actual butthole? Yeah, me neither.

In honor of the day, you should watch as this baby tastes bacon for the first time. Feel free to play the national anthem in the background and salute your screen while it's playing.