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This Awkward Moment Between Obama And Raul Castro Will Make You Cringe

On Monday, Barack Obama became the first POTUS in nearly 100 years to visit Cuba, ending a decades-long total embargo with the island nation.

The president's trip, an attempt to restore relations with Cuba, is a historic event, indeed, but unfortunately, it didn't start off quite as smoothly as many would hope.

To kick off his visit, President Obama participated in a joint press conference with Cuban president Raúl Castro, brother of former president and communist dictator Fidel.

At the end of the conference, Castro reached out to hold Obama's arm high in the air in front of both nations' flags in a sort of gesture of victory.

It would have been a powerful photo op if Obama hadn't totally bombed it. Instead of participating in Castro's salute, he simply let the Cuban leader grab his arm while he dangled it limply above his head.

The effect, with Obama's hand literally flopping in mid-air, was reminiscent of a father dragging his uncooperative child to the dentist's office. Needless to say, it probably wasn't how Obama had hoped to end his historic meeting with Cuba's leader.

See the wonderfully awkward moment below.

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