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The Average Time You Spend Looking At Your Phone Every Day Is Disturbing

Honestly, y'all. This is not that shocking.

I spend more time with my phone than I do with my own mother, and that's pretty standard for all of us nowadays. That's just the world we all live in. We're all dependent on technology, and cell phones are the most convenient forms of that.

But, this habit is slowly ruining us as this video from WIRED points out. It's ruining the way we all interact with each other, and in some cases, it's even killing us.

But, we all kind of knew that.

This video is more like your friend telling you, “You know Red Bull is going to kill you one day,” when you drink Red Bull more than anything else.

Yeah, we know. Red Bull is bad for us. We know cell phones are bad for us.

Let us ruin our lives without all the nagging guilt!