This Dancing Starbucks Barista With Autism Will Totally Make Your Day


On January 22, autism awareness advocate Carly Fleischmann posted a video to her Facebook account and wrote her birthday wish was for the video to go viral.

On Tuesday, Carly's birthday, that wish came true.

The video, filmed inside a Toronto-area Starbucks, shows an autistic barista named Sam dancing as he works. In the video's description on YouTube, Carly explains,

It took a lot of hard work to get Sam to a place where he could dance and work, Carly writes, but now, he's known as the “dancing barista.”

She adds,

As if the video (and Carly's selfless wish) weren't sweet enough, Sam told his parents that since getting the job, his life finally “has real meaning."

Watch the video above and go wish Carly -- aka, the sweetest human being ever (besides Sam, maybe) -- a fabulous birthday.

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