Miss Travel

Website Gets 'Attractive Women' Luxury Travel Paid For By Lonely Men

Are you extremely hot and depleted of all dignity? Cool, then you qualify to join the website Miss Travel.

It's basically a dating app on crack — one where lonely men pay for good-looking women to go on vacation at their expense.

I mean, that's not how the website is billed. It sells itself as a place to find a "travel companion" to explore the world.

Whatever the deal is, loads of people seem to be on board with it. Just ask Jessica; the 21-year-old from Brisbane enjoyed an all-expenses-paid jolly in California for two weeks.

All she had to do in return was spend a bit of time with the guy who funded her trip.

Jessica told Daily Mail Austrailia she found out about the website via Facebook. She said,

It took 24 hours to approve my profile and even before then I had men messaging me. Some people wanted to have a chat first, others would just say straight away "These are the dates and where I'm going, do you want to come?"
Miss Travel

She found a guy from the US traveling to California for work, and, after some initial FaceTiming, he booked her a flight to come out and join him. Jessica continued,

I got myself an international sim a the airport but other than that I didn't spend a cent. I got there and realized I forgot to pack some things and he took me shopping and bought me what I wanted. I was living in luxury for a while.

The pair stayed in three different hotels across LA, Miami and Vegas. She said they slept in separate bedrooms the entire time.

Miss Travel

Who's behind Miss Travel?

It was founded by a guy called Brandon Wade. You may not recognize his name, but you may have heard of his other dating sites: SeekingArrangement.com, WhatsYourPrice.com and OpenMinded.com.

Before he got into the world of online dating, he worked for Microsoft.

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