Um, Ashley Madison Is Rebranding As A Place For 'Open-Minded Experiences'

Jen Brister

It looks like the infamous dating site, Ashley Madison, is looking to, uh, give things another try.

In case you guys forgot, Ashley Madison was known for encouraging infidelity, but it really took the spotlight when the personal information of its 32 million users was exposed to the world.

The company that owns the site, formerly known as "Avid Life Media," has changed its name to "Ruby" to try and sound more feminine. They're hoping to change their game plan by advertising more to women because in the past, the site was heavily used by men.

Rob Segal, CEO of Ruby, told Mashable, "It's going to take a lot of work. This is the start of a journey. We feel like we're setting the right tone here, but we're hoping to build trust in the long term."

Ruby's new president James Millership, as well as Segal, neither confirmed nor denied whether or not the site would still encourage extramarital affairs. Instead, they used words like "exploring moments" and "open-minded experiences" in reference to the relaunch. You know, typical beating-around-the-bush language. They also stressed the new site will be much more secure than it was in the past.

The company is set to advertise Ashley Madison in three new television commercials this week, which is the very first time it'll be trying to brand itself this way.

In the commercials, people stare at each other longingly in a few different places, including a subway station and a hotel. One of the spots called "Polyamory" shows two people eye-flirting in the presence of a third person, which drives home the whole theme of Ashley Madison.

I guess it remains to be seen how people will respond to the rebranding of the scummy site. All I know is I'm a woman, and I'll be staying far, far away from it.