Armed Black Man Pulled Over By Cops Writes Powerful Post About Incident


An Arizona man's online post about his peaceful run-in with the cops is going viral on Facebook.

Steven Hildreth, Jr claims he was calm and forthcoming when Tucson police pulled him over for a broken headlight.

He was open about how he was carrying a weapon and how he had a permit. To reach his wallet, he allowed the two police officers to calmly remove his gun from him for their safety and his.

He claims the situation didn't escalate because of this willingness to cooperate with police.

Steven told the full story in a post on Facebook that since gained more than half a million likes and over 264,000 shares.

In the post, Hildreth explained how he was pulled over for a broken headlight and immediately told the cops he was armed and had a permit. After the cops went through the non-violent procedural motions, they checked all of Hildreth's information and handed back his firearm.

Hildreth said one of the officers told him,

Hildreth went on to add,

He ended the post, saying,

Hopefully, interactions like this become the standard.

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