Official Details About iPhone 8 Might Come Next Week And We Literally Can't Even

Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images

If there's one thing everyone can agree on, it's the fact that the iPhone 8 has run techies through a gamut of emotions. No one is certain when the product will hit shelves, and its price tag remains just as mysterious. However, official iPhone 8 details are set to release in August, so if all goes according to plan, the highly anticipated anniversary product will be closer than ever before. The light at the end of the tunnel is near.

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Apple will release its quarterly earnings report on Aug. 1, according to Business Insider, and that could be techies' tickets to much-awaited information. Apple's report will include an earnings prediction (a "guidance") for the next quarter -- which includes September, when the iPhone 8 might come out.

If that revenue prediction is on the high end, it means that Apple will most likely be planning to start selling the iPhone 8 in September, the article claims. However, a prediction on the low end would suggest that customers won't be able to get the new phones until October.

I certainly hope you're paying attention, folks. This is big stuff — the real deal this time (hopefully). In fact, this 10-year-anniversary product is so highly anticipated, some analysts believe its predicted sales cycle could make Apple the first public company to be worth $1 trillion. So yes, that's certainly a lot of pressure for such a small device.

Some believe that the phone might even be released sooner than everyone thinks. Others, however, have a more discouraging theory... one that has to do with the price. Rumors have been circulating that its cost rivals that of a Macbook Air, so let's hope these predictions are a bit more budget-friendly than an actual computer.

It's definitely been a bit of a stressful wait, but such a momentous anniversary — and the potential to reach the $1 trillion mark — is cause for celebration, and Apple is not one to disappoint. Let's keep calm and patiently hope good news comes at the beginning of August.

Oh Apple, it's been an adventure, to say the least.