Anonymous Warning Note For 'Snitches' Ends Up Helping Cops Find Drug Dealer

A few not-so-bright drug dealers accidentally told the cops about their illegal possessions with a note taped to their front door.

According to Mashable, officers of Virginia's Fayette County Sheriff's Department were responding to a "joyriding complaint" on Thursday at an Oak Hill home when they discovered the warning.

After reading the bright pink piece of paper, authorities were convinced the homeowners were dealing drugs -- but after reading this note, who wouldn't be?

In scribbled handwriting, it reads,

Due to snitches everyone entering my home is subject to being searched. All cell phones and drinks will be left outside!! If you're not a snitch, it won't offend you if I search you!

This doesn't sounds suspicious at all!

LOL, just kidding. This is probably as obvious as it gets.

I'm sure the cops were relieved half of their job was done when they arrived at the scene.

The department posted the note on Facebook, and people are getting a kick out of how "stupid" these drug dealers were to essentially advertise their possessions.

The department's post revealed two drug users were arrested in the residence.

April Lynn Lavender, 38, was charged for the felony offense of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, and Kristie Weis, 22, was charged with the misdemeanor offense of joyriding.

You almost got away with it, ladies. Good try, though.

In the Facebook post, Sheriff Kessler poked fun at the obvious mistake, saying,

While drug investigations often require a great deal of time and effort, sometimes the criminals make our job pretty easy. If someone posts a sign on their front door about searching 'snitches,' it's a pretty safe bet that there are illegal drugs being sold out of that location.

There you have it, folks.

Be advised that if you sell drugs and leave a note on your door that admits it, you'll not only be arrested, but you'll also become a laughing stock for the internet.

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