Angry Mom Posts Rant After Daughter Is Rejected From Club For Being 'Too Big'

This mom is PISSED.

After her daughter got told she couldn't enter a club because she wasn't fit enough, Facebook user Deborah Kerr went OFF with this rant.

She outed the club, named the promoter and labeled the address. Basically, she did everything she could to call attention to the matter.

She said,

This figure is too big (my daughter in the image below) and her friends were told by club LIBERTINE LONDON on Friday 30th September. 4 Winsley Street, London, W1W 8HF ......... Promoter Carmelo was told by Layha the tall french women at the entrance of the club that this group of young ladies weren't the look the club wanted and that they were to big in size.

The woman had more to say, though. She pretty much called the club a discriminatory place, and she spared no caps while doing so.

They were all made to feel dreadful pulled out from the queue and told to leave. The table and arrangements were all pre-organized it's not like they just turned up......to be told your not the right look for the club and then when they ask what do you mean, to be told your to big in size and not good looking enough for the clubs ' image ' is DISCRIMINATION AND SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED.

Now, discrimination in any form is obviously a tough pill to swallow. Plus, body shaming really isn't cool.

But I'd be remiss if I didn't add that nightclubs are literally the vainest places on earth.

You might even argue that vanity is the main attraction of a club. You go there knowing that only certain types of people will be there.

On that particular Friday night, it just so happened that Kerr's daughter didn't meet the club's standards. It can literally happen to any of us.

But here's the confusing thing: The daughter is SO far from being unattractive that I literally have no idea what the promoter was talking about with this "too big" nonsense. That girl ain't it.

So yeah, the mother has a reason to be mad.

"Facebook rant" mad, though? That's another question.

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