Wearing These Colors Will Get You More Tinder Dates, According To Science

According to Tinder's latest study, getting more matches could be as simple as adding a little color to your wardrobe.

Led by Tinder's in-house sociologist and relationship expert Dr. Jess Carbino, the study analyzed 12,000 profile photos from male and female users between the ages of 18-40 based in New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

What the team found was an interesting insight into the way people present themselves. Namely, we're a bunch of basic bitches.

The vast majority of Tinder users wear neutrals, meaning 56.2 percent of women and 72 percent men wear white, black, blue, or grey. While neutrals may feel like the chic choice, they're not working very hard to help your love life. As Dr. Carbino explains,

Clothing provides users an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Given that the vast majority of Tinder users are wearing neutral colors, individuals who want to make a splash and stand out should wear a vibrant color.

In the wild, animals try to look flashy AF in order to attract more Tinder matches. Or something like that. So take a cue from the peacock's playbook and treat yourself to some new, colorful threads. Look to these players below for some fashion inspiration and online dating tips.

Take your profile pics right after you work out so you look extra swole.

Nothing looks more demure than a side-profile shot.

When looking for a unicorn, make sure to profile you and your hot honey.

Straight-up flexing + basketweaving = matches on matches on matches.