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New Male American Girl Doll Looks Like Every Bro You Dated


American Girl just released their newest line of dolls, and one of them is — wait for it — A BOY.

His name is Logan, and he's a drummer who wears a flannel shirt.

Director of Public Relations at American Girl Julie Parks said to The Huffington Post, “Adding a boy to our lineup has been a number one request for a very, very, very long time.”

But if we're being totally honest, Logan also looks like that one coke-snorting, flannel shirt-wearing, in-denial, rich-kid, fuckboy BRO who told you he would totally be with you if he didn't think monogamy was a lie made up by society to suppress our ability to love fully.

Check him out for yourself here:

American Girl Doll

The current description for our bro Logan reads,

But after seeing his picture, I'd like to revise his description:

Here he is playing the drums while the girls (all of whom he's probably banged) are painting:

And here he is being a super skeevy bro in the background, scheming on Tenney while she does her thing on stage:

And I'm not the only one who thinks Logan looks like every douche you ever dated. Everyone on Twitter seems to agree with me, too:


Admit it. You've dated a Logan Everett. I've dated a Logan Everett. We've all dated a Logan Everett.

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