Guy's Reaction To Amazon Sending Tight Dress Instead Of Muscle Tee Goes Viral

by Alexandra Strickler

Online shopping can be so fun, and yet so dangerous.

Aside from how unbelievably easy it is to blow through a couple hundred dollars when you mindlessly add purchase after purchase to your online shopping cart, you can't always be sure of what product you're actually getting.

Most of us can relate to this struggle, but I'm not sure anyone relates more than Jeremy Priola.


Jeremy recently logged onto Amazon with the intention of buying this men's workout tank top.

First of all, I already see one very obvious red flag on this web page: the price is literally one penny.

Like, a single cent.

Here's a good rule of thumb for not just this, but many things in life — if it's too good to be true, it probably is.


Unfortunately, Jeremy had to learn that lesson the hard way.

After the "tank top" was delivered to his house, Jeremy tried it on only to discover it was most definitely not a tank top.


He posted side-by-side pictures of the Amazon product alongside what the, er, garment actually looked like on his body.

Jeremy wrote in his Facebook post,

I got this tank top on Amazon and they sent me a dress. On the plus side it does make my ass look great.

People on Facebook seem to agree with him on that last sentiment.


Yeah, it's pretty hard not to notice dat ass.


It fits well in allllll the right places.


Dude, always say yes to pizza.


Jeremy would probably still look crazy hot in a damn garbage bag.


He definitely looks better in a dress than I do.


Jeremy is setting himself up to be a total trendsetter.


Comfy and trendy? It doesn't get any better than that.


You know, I thought I was being real slick in identifying the insanely low price as a big indicator of just how sketchy this product was, but I missed another pretty key detail.

That detail certainly didn't slip past Haylie Cooler, though!


Even though Jeremy obviously didn't get the product he initially set out to buy, I think he should totally keep the dress and even wear it out to the gym.

Or, you know, he can just buy like 20 more (at only a penny each, why not?!) and wear them every single day, because DAMN does he look fine AF in it.

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