Amazon Review For Pair Of Rainbow Suspenders Is Adorable

If you want a rainbow, you have to deal with the rain.

Or, at least, that's what people tell others when they're going through a difficult time. But sometimes they're totally right.

Case and point? This adorable review of an Amazon product that a Tumblr user shared.


Tumblr user fangirlfingoverdemigods told BuzzFeed,

I came across the review after my girlfriend showed it to me. We both thought it was super adorable. It made my day and I thought it could make other peoples' days too.

Amazon user blueyes gave these suspenders five stars. They wrote,

Yes, this will be my 46th march in gay pride, I have never worn [any] rainbow colored items, but this year as I turn 70-years-old, I decided to purchase some rainbow suspenders and wear them with a white suit and purple [Brook's Brothers] shirt. I could not ask for a better made paid, it seems every time I need something, Amazon finds it for me and makes it easy for me to purchase. How very wonderful.


Please join my family, please. You are adorable.

I will protect this person at all costs.

But this isn't the only kindhearted post this person has made. They also reviewed these...


They wrote,

There is a young lady in my building that wears headphones at her work, lately she was wearing some that were taped up and she works in a market... So I purchased these headphones for her, she was surprised and she has been wearing them to work everyday. It makes me happy to make someone else happy.


Once again, our friend proves themselves to be wonderful when commenting on a rainbow bow tie in this current political atmosphere.


For this delightful bowtie, they wrote,

I have a sense of humor and so such a tie would be great for me, and again it is made with the best rainbow fabric and I will be proud to wear it to cocktail parties. Amazon came through again. I went online looking for rainbow fabric and became very frustrated. Wondering if the right wing has declared a war on rainbow material also. But, here we are again with a great product. Thanks Amazon.

America may not be able to defeat the right wing, but at least Amazon is doing their part.