This Adorable Puppy Is So Very Confused By A Lemon On The Floor


Hey. Are you guys having a hard workday? Is everything that comes out of your co-worker's mouth pissing you off? Are you fantasizing about your warm, fluffy bed at home?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of those questions, you, my friend, are in need of this video of a very fluffy puppy trying to eat a very sour lemon.

Here's the gist: Puppy wants to eat the lemon. Puppy tries to eat the lemon. Puppy realizes lemon tastes bad. Puppy attempts to bully the lemon into becoming edible, so that puppy can eat the lemon.

It's a textbook cute animal video, folks! There are no bells or whistles here -- just a straight forward, run-of-the-mill, adorable little pupper vid.

If this little ball of fluff didn't brighten your day, well, you're probably dead inside and should maybe see a therapist about that.

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