Adding Sugar To Your Shampoo With Make Your Hair Healthy


Guys, I can't wait to go home and take the sweetest shower EVER.

You know why? Because I'm going to add sugar to my shampoo, and I can hardly wait.

I know, you're probably shaking your heads and wondering, Why the heck I would ever dowse my locks with a sugar-shampoo infusion, but apparently, it's great for you.

According to MailOnline, a dermatologist from Wexler Dermatology named Dr. Francesca Fusco agrees with the fact it'll make your hair healthier and cleaner.

Now, I'm convinced sugar is the answer to all of my problems (kind of).

Dr. Fusco admitted to Marie Claire that adding a tablespoon to shampoo every four washes will help exfoliate your scalp and thoroughly clean your locks.

While explaining the phenomenon, she said,

She also stated that scrubbing your hair with sugar-infused shampoo will better remove dead skin cells for a deeper wash, and will therefore allow your conditioner to moisturize your locks more thoroughly.

In other words, you should stop buying expensive shampoo and start adding sugar to your product.

To assure the fact sugar makes for a healthy scalp and a happy head of hair, Hiro Miyoshi talked to MailOnline about the beauty hack.

Miyoshi said,

If you're worried about sugar residue staying in your hair, have no fear, because it'll dissolve if you use the suggested tablespoon during your wash.

After you're done washing and conditioning, your scalp will be healthy and your hair will be clean 'n' smooth.