Aaron Paul's Face Swap With Eleven From 'Stranger Things' Is Spooky AF

by Tim McGovern

Just when your nightmares about "Stranger Things" have probably subdued, we get a spooky Face Swap between self-proclaimed "Stranger Things" fan Aaron Paul and "Stranger Things" star Millie Bobby Brown.

It truly belongs in the Upside Down.

Aaron Paul has been joking about adopting Millie ever since he interviewed her for Elle (more like Elle-even) and, well, their meet-up and fake adoption makes us all kind of wish it were real.

The Eleven portrayer met up IRL with Aaron and his wife and posted the whole (fake) family photo on her Instagram.

Um, can you guys all reconvene for Thanksgiving? Thanks!

Not only that, but Aaron essentially became the star of Millie's Snapchat.

Let it be known that this is the starstruck face I'd make if I ever saw any actor from "Stranger Things" while out and about.


And here it is. The Face Swap that will be your fuel as you battle the long days and nights ahead waiting for the second season of "Stranger Things" to come out.


"Breaking Things" sounds like the perfect spinoff to combine the universes of "Breaking Bad" and Stranger Things."

Here's how I'd make it work. The Monster from the Upside Down is actually the former patient 10... who was on Walter White's meth.

Hawkins Lab calls in Jesse, an expert on "Blue Sky, but as soon as he realizes the scientists are up to no good, he joins Eleven in taking everyone down, screaming "yo bitch" a lot.

The twist? The Monster... is actually Heisenberg, in a different dimension. It's your move now, AMC and Netflix.

Millie also Snapchatted a photo of her and her "mama," Lauren Parsekian. SOMEONE GET OUT THE ADOPTION PAPERS, THIS FAMILY NEEDS TO HAPPEN.


Let's give it up one more for this (not actually) adopted father and daughter!


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