9-Year-Old's Dramatic Reaction To Being Grounded Is All Of Us After A Bad Day


It's not Friday yet, so there's a good chance you might be having a bad day today.

But I can almost guarantee you're not having a worse day than this little girl who got grounded by her parents.

Sure, to us, she may be overreacting, but to her, this is likely the worst thing to ever happen to her in the nine years she's been alive.


Her older sister tweeted out a series of screenshots, which show a hilarious conversation between her and her little sister, who apparently just got grounded for the day.

Nicole initially texted her sister to check up on her and see how she was doing, but she probably didn't expect her to say she was packing her bags and hitting the road.


The nine-year-old said she just needed to finish packing her bags (um, how much stuff could she possibly have?), and then, she would be on her way.

Nicole tried to persuade her to stay by telling her she would miss her too much if she left.

Her little sister coldly responded,

I don't care. I'm not stupid.

Jeeeez, a little defensive, aren't we? No one even called you stupid!


To convince Nicole she was definitely leaving, she then texted a passive aggressive picture of FIVE DIFFERENT PACKED BAGS.

Seriously, you are a little girl. What do you need five different bags for?!

When asked where she was going, the 9-year-old bluntly told her older sister it was none of her business, but she did let on she'd be going "somewhere decent."

The young girl then proclaimed the only things she likes in her life are her friend's iPhone and her new house.

Where is her new home, you might ask?

All you (and her older sister, apparently) need to know is her new house is located on Earth.

Damn, this girl's pretty sassy, but I can't exactly blame her. We all know what it feels like when you just need to get away from it all.

Girl, if you're reading this, can I please come with you, wherever you're going? I, too, have an iPhone, as well as a house on Earth.