9 Pilots Reveal The Craziest Stuff They've Ever Seen While Flying

The only thing you want to see while flying miles above the ground is probably a clear, blue sky. Other than that, everything from ducks to balloons can become a threat to your safety, and therefore the most terrifying thing ever.

These pilots have seen some crazy sh*t while flying high in the sky and luckily lived to tell their tales on Reddit. Here are the wildest stories that might have you rethinking your next journey.

Oh hey, don't mind this US Navy submarine just chilling.

When a black dot crosses your path... It's a good thing?

When a pigeon trying to find his way to an overflowing garbage can takes a wrong turn...

Arced rainbows are so pedestrian.

Another reason to go with paper instead of plastic at the checkout counter.

Human behavior is best observed from afar.

Who says you have to be on land to see a mirage?

When aliens get a little careless...

Sometimes a whole lot of nothing can be scarier than something.