86-Year-Old Has Straight-Up Savage Message For Woman Who Stole Her Purse

Meet Bernice Starnes. She's the grandmother we all want and an inspiration to how we should live our twilight years: GIVING ZERO FUCKS.

The 86-year-old had her purse snatched right out of her hands, and she sat defenseless in a wheelchair outside her Bronx apartment.

But believe me, if she was able-bodied, the criminal wouldn't have stood a chance. Bernice told Pix 11,

I couldn't catch her. I wanted to catch her and beat the shit out of her.

She gave the most blunt interview, and we love her for it. Bernice said,

She wanted to hurt me, and the bitch don't even know me. I hope that they beat her ass and the women in prison beat her ass every day for as long as she's in there.

Reporter Ayana Harry responded,

Some people would say that's harsh.

But she forgets she's talking to Bernice. Bernice Starnes. And Bernice Starnes don't give no F's. She replies,

Well, so what -- what she did to me was even worse. I'm supposed to feel sorry for that bitch? I DON'T.

The suspect was arrested 48 hours after the theft and charged with grand larceny and petty larceny.

What's Bernice doing to get over all this? Booking a YOLO cruise because the thug life picked her.