6-Year-Old Has The Most Amazing Reaction To Finding Out Her Dad Is Trans


Just when you think there's no hope left in the world, children are here to remind us all love still exists.

When Shalee Ellis' partner, Mallory, came out as trans, the couple made the decision to go through the change as a family, and that meant explaining it all to their 6-year-old daughter, Layla. In the most heartwarming video you've seen in a while, Shalee films Layla's reaction to the fact "daddy's a she now."

In the video, you can hear Shalee explain,

When she asks Layla how that all makes her feel, the child -- who, by the way, has more wisdom than pretty much every adult I've ever met -- responds,

Layla then looks into the camera and says,

Shalee told BuzzFeed News,

Maybe instead of using our adult brains filled with years of prejudice and judgment, we could start reacting to situations with the same unconditional love children have for their parents. Literally everyone could take a cue from Layla.

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