This Many Americans Would Kill Someone For $1 Billion

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With the Powerball jackpot reaching historic highs, many of us may find ourselves saying, “I would kill for that kind of money.”

But would you actually kill? Because for $1 billion, a full 6 percent of Americans would.

Polling site surveyed 1,000 people to see what morals they'd be willing to disregard for large sums of cash, and the results were pretty shocking.

For $1,000, 15 percent of people would shoplift or illegally bet on a sporting event. Thirteen people — about 1 percent of the respondents — said a $1,000 payday would be enough to commit murder.

For $100,000, one in 10 would be willing to prostitute themselves or steal a purse; for $ 1 million, 10 percent of respondents would star in a porno. One million dollars is also enough to convince 10 percent of people to become a drug mule or commit a crime like armed robbery or arson.

As mentioned above, 6 percent of Americans would murder for $1 billion, while 15 percent would fake their own death for $100 million.

Overall, male respondents tended to have fewer morals than female respondents and were four times more likely to commit murder for money than women.

That said, the percentage of people willing to perform questionable (or illegal) acts increased as the payout increased — big surprise.

Moral of this story? There are none because, apparently, we don't have morals.

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