The 13 Saddest, Funniest, Weirdest Tweets In Response To Levitation Being Canceled


When I saw the email pop up in my inbox, I didn't believe it. It stuck out like a sore, hideous thumb:

LEVITATION 2016 Canceled Due To Dangerous Weather Conditions

What monster would be spamming me with such horrible news?

To my dismay, it wasn't a sick prank. The email came from the PR coordinator herself, who's no doubt dealing with far worse than me right now.

The statement on Levitation's website reads:

At this point, the projected impact of the storms has intensified, and we are now left with no choice but to cancel. You may remember that in 2015 we had severe weather warnings as well, but were able to get through the weekend. The difference between 2015 and 2016 is the severity of the storms being predicted, including high wind, large hail and tornado warnings, combined with high water levels from last week's flooding.

So, they don't want anyone getting sucked into a raging river. Fair enough.

Like me, thousands of other music fans are feeling pretty depressed right now. And as with any widespread bad news, people are taking to Twitter to let their emotions hang loose.

Hopefully, we can all mourn together with this gamut of #LevitationFest tweets.

Jane had so many cute festival outfits picked out, too.

Look out, Brian Wilson.

Nothing sounds more depressing than Eeyore's birthday party. #SorryNotSorry

This party just turned into a swingers' party.

The rain won't stop the drugs from flowing.

Staying positive always numbs the pain.

That's the attitude!

Shut up, Katie, no one wants to hear your whining.

Did anybody remember to tell the Welsh speakers?

Someone learned a valuable lesson.

Thank god someone's asking the right questions.

Time to pop our collars -- that's what's up, bro.

It's official.

At times like these, it's good to remember it could always be worse.

As far as I know of, nobody died and music is still a thing, so everything's good in my book. For the love of music (and because I can't get refunded for my flights), I plan to press on and go to Austin anyway.

Wish me luck, fam, as I enter the dark and stormy night in search of relocated shows and indoor venues. If there was ever a call to action in my hero's journey, this is it.