101-Year-Old's Heartbreaking Life Regret Will Make You Call Your Family ASAP

Hillary Fox/Reddit

When was the last time you called your family?

Maybe it was over the weekend, and if that's the case, good for you — but chances are, it's been too long since you've had a catch up.

Luckily, here to put things in perspective is a 101-year-old woman who has broken thousands of hearts by doing a Reddit AMA (which stands for "ask me anything").

People have been queueing up to ask the elderly woman questions about her life, and well, things got pretty deep.

The lovely lady, who described herself as “almost 102,” offered advice to people seeking her wisdom, but it was a question about her biggest regret that will have you reaching for the tissues.


Somebody asked her,

My great-grandmother lived to 97 and I hopefully will live a long life as well, do you recommend anything that I should do in my lifetime that you wish you had done?

The woman replied,

I wish I could have had kids because if you don't have anyone when you're old it gets lonely. Luckily I adopted some and they treat me really good. Just live your life to the fullest dear. Don't be afraid to do anything.

If that's not the best life advice imaginable, I'm not sure what is.

Her words certainly struck a chord with plenty of readers, but other moments in the online interview will leave you in tears if you dive deep enough.

Here's what she said when she was asked what invention she wishes the world had earlier.


And if that's not enough to have you helplessly weeping, check out her response when someone asked what she misses about her late husband, Frank.

She said,

His aftershave, the way he'd rub his left foot against his right calf when he was falling asleep, the way he'd whistle off key or hum a song when he got up before me, the way he'd say my name when he was exasperated with me. A thousand little trivial things that you miss when the one you love isn't here any more.

I'm not sure who came up with this idea or helped the elderly woman answer the questions, but her words certainly touched a lot of hearts.

So if you're lucky enough to still have your grandparents, call them. Call them today.