Here Are The 10 Hottest Festival-Goers At Eeyore's Birthday In Austin, Texas


It's a hippie festival in Austin's Pease Park that not many people outside of Texas know about. But since Levitation (Austin Psych Fest) was canceled last week, many festival-goers were displaced and looking for a similar experience.

Luckily, we all found that free love, hippie experience at Eeyore's birthday party.

Legend has it that Austin locals have been celebrating Eeyore's birthday since the '70s because the joke was that the characters were always forgetting the birth date of Winnie the Pooh's stoner sidekick.

The festival is an anything-goes kind of event filled with pasties and flower crowns galore.

There were plenty of hotties to be seen, but here are the 10 who agreed to let me shamelessly photograph their attractiveness.


Kate Ryan

Liz and Melanie

Kate Ryan

Hottest Couple


Kate Ryan


Kate Ryan

Hottest Fire Twirler

Bella & Itty Bitty

Kate Ryan


Kate Ryan

Hottest Hoola Hooper


Kate Ryan


Kate Ryan