The 50 Weirdest, Most Clever Things On Amazon Under $35, According To Shopping Editors
The 50 Weirdest, Most Clever Things On Amazon Under $35, According To Shopping Editors

Bizarre buys we personally love.

Written by Erin Celletti
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Sure, Amazon buyer reviews are helpful when perusing all the site has to offer and deciding which items make it out of your cart and into your home. But if you’re looking for something even better, Elite Daily’s shopping editors are always reliable for recommendations — they literally shop on Amazon every single day. From smart kitchen gadgets to groundbreaking beauty products to inventive organizational solutions, we have the scoop on all the cool but bizarre items you can snag and have on your doorstep in just a couple days. So here are dozens of the most clever things under $35 you can buy on Amazon today, all curated by our shopping team.

The Cotton Insoles That Keep Feet Dry When You Go Sockless

If you’ve ever wished you could have the comfort and protection of socks, but struggle with no-show styles sliding down and being uncomfortable, these sweat-absorbing terry cotton insoles are for you. The shoe liners are made from breathable and absorbent terry cotton, and feature silicone grips to keep them securely in place. They’re washable and odor-resistant, making them perfect for flats and other sock-free shoes.

  • Available sizes: Women 5 — 12
A Cooling Hat That Keeps You Comfortable On Hot Days

Stay cool and comfortable despite the hot temps, thanks to this cooling performance hat. Along with UPF-50 sun protection, this cute baseball cap can chill to 30 degrees below body temperature when you activate it with water, and its cooling properties can last up to two hours. Choose from six colors, including neutral beige and classic black.

  • Available colors: 6
A 2-Pack Of Pens That Are Also Rulers, Screwdrivers & So Much More

These are pens, but they’re also multitools that have built-in rulers, flashlights, screwdrivers, and bottle openers. They’re surprisingly handy, whether you keep one in your bag or in your desk drawer, standing in for a multitude of tiny implements. Of course, you can also just use them to write.

A Glass Foot File That Tackles Rough & Tough Feet

Looking for something to help you buff away the dead skin on your feet? Elite Daily shopping editor Kelsey Lawrence says, “This foot file truly made my (very cracked, very dry) heels much smoother in a matter of a few days. My fiancé noticed immediately that my rough heel skin was not rubbing against his feet in bed.” The exfoliating surface is made with gentle but effective etched glass, while the ergonomic shape rests easily in your hand. Use the snap-on case to store it between uses.

This Cute AF Cooler Bag That Looks Like A Watermelon

Shaped like a juicy watermelon, this insulated cooler bag is equal parts cute and functional, and shopping editor Lauren Beach calls it “a cooler you’ll actually want in your photos from parties.” Perfect for cookouts and beach days, it can hold up to 20 cans while keeping them chill — but you can also use it for sandwiches, fruit, and other snacks. The shoulder straps make it easy to tote along.

An Adorable Memo & Note Holder Named Morris

Meet Morris — the cute desk donkey that can hold your most important memos, photos, and more — right between his teeth. Elite Daily shopping editor Karen Belz says, “I'm a sucker for cute desk supplies and cool gadgets, and Morris is up to the task to help with everyday organization. What's not to love?” Morris’ mouth uses a clothespin-style closure and can double as a pen holder, too. He also comes pre-filled with 140 memo sheets, tucked right into his body.

  • Available colors: 6
The Genius Taco-Filling Spoons That Don’t Make A Mess

Tacos are equal parts delicious and messy, but thanks to these taco spoons, you can make them perfect and neat every time. Available in three colors, they fit inside hard shells for easy filling, letting you add everything from meat to salsa without using your hands. Elite Daily shopping editor Lauren Beach is a fan, saying, “Anything that makes taco night happen more often is a win.”

  • Available colors: 3
The Avocado Erasers That Make You Look Forward To Mistakes

Ever sit at your desk, make a mistake and think, “Darn, I wish I had a really adorable eraser?” Well, even if you haven’t, you might want to check out this four-pack of avocado-themed erasers to brighten up your work area. Each BPA-free eraser has three colorful layers that will wear away with use, and they’re sized to fit comfortably between your fingers. Warning: They just might have you daydreaming of chips and guacs on your lunch break.

These Mushroom-Inspired Solar Lights That Add Magic To Your Garden

Instantly illuminate your garden or walkway with these solar lights available in adorable, fantasy-inspired themes including mushrooms, bees, dragonflies, and birds. Each string is over 32 feet long and features 20 lights that charge via solar power during the day to illuminate at night. They automatically shut off at dawn, and have eight different lighting modes, like slow fade, twinkle, and more.

  • Available styles: 5
The Mouthwash Concentrate That Uses Less Plastic Packaging

The compact size of this mint mouthwash concentrate means it requires less plastic packaging — plus it’s easy to travel with. Just as good, you can customize the intensity of flavor to your liking: Just add water to the cap, one to three pumps of concentrate, then swish your way to fresher breath for about 30 seconds. Made without alcohol, sugar, dyes, or artificial sweeteners, it’s a gentle formula but cleans thoroughly.

A Cult-Favorite Moisturizer Made From Snail Secretions

Boasting a 4.6-star overall rating after 80,000 reviews, this K-beauty moisturizer uses the hydrating power of 96.3% snail secretion filtrate to revive and restore your skin. The lightweight formula glides on easily, adding deep hydration without any residue or greasiness, all while fading dark spots and repairing damage. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that no snails were harmed in the making of the formula.

The Skin-Blurring Compact That’s Like A Filter IRL

Create an instant, filter-like finish for your skin with this pore-blurring compact. The skin-blurring primer embraces K-beauty science to control oil, while minimizing your pores and smoothing skin to create a more even tone. It glides on with the included puff to provide instant, illuminating results.

These Pearl Stickers That Add Instant Glam To Pretty Much Anything

Kelsey Lawrence also loves these adhesive pearl stickers saying, “This one seems a little random, but stick-on pearls are sneakily useful for decorating gifts.” The set includes 14 sheets of stickers for a total of 2,032 pieces of various sizes to add glam and elevate any project or look. Kelsey adds that they are, “Also very fun to wear as face and hair accessories for parties.” You can also use them to adorn your phone, greeting cards, sunglasses case — and so much more.

The Stackable Bookcases That Are Protective & Sleek

For a fun and functional twist on home decor, these stackable bookcases add an understated, modern aesthetic to any space. They completely cover books for full dust protection, while the transparent design makes it easy to spot what you’re looking for. When you’re ready to grab something, just pull down the magnetic-closure door. They’re also versatile and can be used beyond books — try them for collectibles, purses, and shoes.

The LED-Dimming Stickers That Can Help You Sleep Better

Electronic lights keeping you awake? Check out these dimming stickers that are designed to enhance your sleep environment by dialing down the brightness of LED electronic displays — like the ones on your router, air purifier, and digital alarm clock. Each pack includes two sheets, both with easy peel-and-stick application that adheres securely to most surfaces. The stickers can dim lights by 80% and stay in place until removal.

  • Available options: 7
This Coffee Made With Mushrooms That Has All Kinds Of Added Benefits

If you love coffee, but are looking for something with less caffeine — or perhaps added health benefits —then check out this mushroom coffee by Four Sigmatic. With half the caffeine of a traditional cup of joe, it’s made of Arabica coffee beans combined with chaga — powerful mushrooms that may help support your immune system, improve mental focus, and clear brain fog.

The One-Handed Strainer That Clips Onto The Pot

Forget about fumbling with a bulky strainer — this one clips onto the pot directly, so you can tip it over and drain off water with just one hand. Made from flexible silicone, the strainer also takes up much less storage space than traditional options, so it’s an excellent pick for small kitchens. It’s heat-resistant and dishwasher safe for convenience.

The Plug-In Insect Traps That Get Even The Tiniest Of Invaders

Get rid of pesky flying insects once and for all with these adhesive sticky traps that you’ll never actually have to touch. The traps plug into any standard outlet and use specially designed blue and UV light to continuously attract gnats, houseflies, and fruit flies — all of which will be hidden behind the sleek rounded cover. Elite Daily shopping editor Allison Bolt says, “My house is genuinely comfier after getting one of these (especially because I love houseplants, and they can sometimes get gnats).”

These Under-Bed Lights That Look Cool & Enhance Safety, Too

These under-bed lights put traditional night-lights to shame, providing the same service while also looking cool as hell. They use a motion-activated design, so they illuminate only when they detect movement and automatically shut off after a preset amount of time that you can dictate. Shopping editor Allison Bolt says, “This is so clever and would make any bedroom look more expensive.”

An All-In-One Face Balm That Smooths & Hydrates

Simplify your skin-care routine with this K-beauty multibalm stick for radiant and hydrated skin. Performing as a lip balm, eye cream, neck moisturizer, base, and face refresher, it boosts your skin’s smoothness and provides intense hydration, thanks to its formula that features salmon complex and collagen. A TikTok beauty favorite, the compact stick is great for on-the-go touch-ups, too.

  • Available options: 5
The Wet-Skin Moisturizer That Locks In Hydration Right After Your Shower

Drying off before moisturizing is another step in your routine that can take away valuable time in the morning, but with this wet-skin shower moisturizer by Jergens, you can kiss that problem goodbye. It’s specially formulated to be applied when your skin is most receptive to moisture — when it’s wet — so it’ll hold on to hydration for much longer. Plus, it’s infused with shea butter oil and hyaluronic acid for optimal results. It’s a popular formula, with a 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon.

A Jar Scraper & Spreader Topped With A Cute Kitty

Cat lovers and multitaskers alike will love this jar scraper and spreader that doubles as one of the cutest kitchen accessories we’ve ever seen. Made of BPA-free silicone, the flexible “tail” allows for effective scooping and scraping, making sure no jam, butter, or peanut butter gets left behind. It’s adorable, efficient, and dishwasher safe.

The Spa Wristbands That Make Washing Your Face Less Messy

Is there anything worse than having water drip down your wrists and sleeves while washing your face? These spa wristbands prevent that entirely by serving as a protective and absorbent barrier to keep arms and clothes dry. They’re made of soft and quick-drying flannel material, with a stretchy design to fit most wrists. Choose from multiple color combos.

  • Available options: 19
These Cable Labels To Keep You Organized

Looking to streamline your cords and cables? Check out these color-coded cable labels. Elite Daily shopping editor Cassandra Seale says, “As someone in an apartment with limited outlets that require plug swapping on the regular, these are surprisingly handy in keeping track of what's what.” The surface is easy to write on and the labels secure around cords with Velcro-like closures. Use them at your desk, behind your TV, or in a storage drawer — so you know which cable will work with which device.

A Paint Primer That Makes Furniture Projects Much Easier

Shopping editor Cassandra Seale is a fan of this clear bonding primer that helps give new life to old furniture, whether it be glass, metal, or wood. She says, “I got tired of looking at an admittedly cheap IKEA dresser, but it fits perfectly in my space, so rather than replacing, I opted to give it a glow-up — this primer made it so easy to paint for a fresh new look.” The water-based primer dries to a clear finish, and creates a porosity that makes it easy for new paint to bond. It’s low in VOCs and nearly odor free.

  • Available sizes: 3
This Illuminating Concealer For Nails That Look Instantly Better

Elite Daily shopping editor Anna Anderson is a fan of this illuminating nail concealer as a low-maintenance manicure. “It stays put and gives nails a brighter, healthier look, without having to deal with actual polish,” she says. Its sheer but buildable formula allows you to achieve a custom look while combatting yellowing, staining, and other imperfections. Choose from five shades in chic, neutral colors.

  • Available shades: 5
These Plant Guards That Keep Away Unwanted Visitors

Green thumbs, listen up: Elite Daily shopping editor Karen Belz says, “If you have a curious pup or cat, these plant guards can create a safer distance. My dog has left my two bigger houseplants alone after adding these, and now everyone's thriving.” The guards are made from flexible plastic and offer a snug fit with adjustable sizing, plus ventilation holes to ensure easy access to water, sun, and air. They work with flowers, veggies, and saplings, and can also keep away wild critters, as well as protect from accidental damage caused by lawnmowers and the like.

The Sponge Holder That Doubles As A Soap Dispenser

Instead of pausing to grab the soap bottle, turn it upside down, and squeeze some onto your sponge, use this ingenious two-in-one holder and dispenser. The top tray stores your sponge, giving it a place to properly dry, and when you need some soap, simply press down to release some. It streamlines your doing-the-dishes routine and reduces sink clutter at the same time.

These Vent Covers That Let You Customize The Air In Your Home

For a more customized home heating and cooling experience, these magnetic vent covers help to boost air where and when you need it, and block it where and when you don’t. Compatible with metal vents, they create a tight seal and come in multiple sizes for an exact fit. Elite Daily shopping editor Anna Anderson says, “These are such a smart way to block airflow in rooms you’re not using — a great way to save on your energy bill.”

  • Available sizes: 14
This Magic Makeup Eraser That Works With Just Water

If you’re tired of using messy liquid makeup removers or one-use wipes, give the Original MakeUp Eraser a try. This fan favorite effortlessly removes all makeup, even waterproof mascara, with just a little bit of water. When it comes time to clean it, just toss it in the washing machine. It’s that versatile and easy.

An Organizer Specifically Designed To Hold Your Tumbler Lids

Keep your tumbler and water bottle lids neat and organized with this lid organizer designed specifically for them. Designed to accommodate lids of any size, it has a sleek, stackable, vertical design that lets you free up valuable cabinet or counter space. The best part? It’s easy to find a matching lid in seconds.

This Cheeky Pin That Lets Others Know How You Really Feel

Elite Daily shopping editor Mallory Moreno says this one is “for the introverts.” This cheeky enamel pin displays your social battery for all to see — an amazing way to set expectations (or honestly, to just make someone laugh). Slide it all the way to green when you’re up for any conversation or down to red when you prefer to be left the heck alone.

  • Available options: 7
A Cat Toy With Feathers You Can Swap Out Once They’re Destroyed

If you’re tired of replacing your cat’s toys after just a few play sessions, this cat wand toy is for you, as editor Cassandra Seale points out, “You can replace the bird after your cat destroys it!” A smart investment for the cat lover, the wand has a tempting feather at the end for your kitty to bat, and once it’s seen wear and tear, you can swap it out for a new one. It’s a great way to save money and plastic use, too.

A Bubbling Cleanser That’s Tough On Blackheads

Working to “melt away” blackheads, this bubbling cleanser is infused with 16 ingredients, including green tea, centella, bamboo tea, and pine needles. This cleanser softens impurities, and with a few minutes of use, works to bubble up and remove them from your pores. It leaves skin feeling tight, oil-free, and squeaky clean.

These Magnetic Measuring Spoons That Save So Much Space

Keep your measuring spoons right where you need them with this magnetic measuring spoon set. Each spoon features engraved, fade-resistant measurements in standard and metric units for easy readability, while the double-ended design allows for measuring both dry and liquid ingredients. They easily stack together for storage, ensuring they take up minimal space in your drawer.

The Nachosaurus — Because Chips & Guac Deserve Something This Great

What makes chips and guac even better? The Nachosaurus, that’s what. Because all nachos need a dino companion, this versatile serving set is the perfect vessel for your chips and salsa, guac, and other preferred dips. They’re a perfect gift — for yourself or your chip-loving friend.

This Around-The-Neck Light For Seeing In The Dark

Whether you’re reading or crafting in the dark, this LED neck reading light offers targeted illumination. Boasting a 4.7-star overall rating, the light has flexible arms and multiple warmth and brightness settings, so you can customize it to your environment. Elite Daily shopping editor Carolyn Menyes says, “I use this while cross-stitching so I can see my fabric better, and I love it.” Available in eight different colors, the light is USB type-C rechargeable and lasts up to 80 hours on a full charge.

  • Available colors: 8
A Soothing Serum For Sensitive & Acne-Prone Skin

Give your sensitive or acne-prone skin the TLC it needs and deserves with SKIN1004's signature ampoule. The lightweight, non-sticky formula calms and hydrates, while centella asiatica offer soothing powers for ultimate relief and a clear complexion. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “The product is light and watery but absorbs into your skin fast. Your skin is left supple and once you seal it with a moisturizer, it’s perfection. [...] After a week of use, my face is significantly clearer than before.”

The “Guacamole” Hair Mask Made With Real Avocado

This highly rated, ultra-nourishing hair mask is infused with avocado, argan oil, and honey to repair and nourish dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. This intensive formula hydrates hair without weighing it down or leaving a greasy residue behind. Free from harsh ingredients, it’s topped off with gardenia extract for a gorgeous floral scent that makes hair smell divine.

  • Available options: 2
These Ankle Cushions For Extra Comfort in Heels

Make even the most uncomfortable shoes more comfy with these heel cushions made of soft, breathable microfiber. Providing extra padding without added bulk, they help protect against blisters as well as slipping and sliding. They adhere easily to the back of any shoe, thanks to the sticky backing.

The Nail Polish Bottle Holder You Wear Like A Ring

Whether you’re in the car or sitting on the couch watching TV, this wearable nail polish holder can make manicures so much easier. The grippy holder keeps bottles securely upright (no risk of tipping over here), while the two rings slip over your fingers, so you don’t even need to have a flat surface around. Speaking of, the rings are open on the bottom, so you can easily slip off the holder without mussing your nails.

  • Available colors: 20
These Space-Saving Hangers That Free Up So Much Closet Room

Give your closet an instant, space-saving upgrade with these vertical hangers. They have space for five hangers each, holding even heavy items like winter jackets, suits, and sweaters without breaking. They’re an amazing way to get space back on your closet rod — without having to part with any beloved pieces just yet.

A Genius Little Bracelet Tool That Helps You Fasten The Clasp

Stop struggling with your bracelets once and for all thanks to this unique bracelet tool that’s like having an extra set of hands. Made with durable metal and a comfortable handle, it helps you fasten your bracelets, necklaces, watches and more quickly and easily — working on all clasp styles and wrist sizes. Just pinch the end of your jewelry with the tool, then use your other hand to latch the clasp.

  • Available options: 6
These Can Covers That Keep Pet Food Fresh & Your Fridge Smelling Good

Keep your pet's food fresh and your fridge odor-free with these silicone pet food can lids. Instead of using messy (and wasteful) cling wrap, these lids are designed to fit cans of various sizes, containing any smells that can easily overwhelm your fridge. They’re eco-friendly, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

The Crab & Lobster Crackers That Make Enjoying Seafood Much Less Tiresome

Love lobster and crab, but hate the work you need to put in just to enjoy it? Then you need this crab and lobster cracker set. Elite Daily shopping editor Carolyn Menyes says, “I have these, and they really get the job done when I'm eating crab or lobster. I love that the lobster crackers have little claws on them!” Each set includes six lobster shellers, six crab leg forks, two stainless steel seafood scissors, and one handy storage case.

A Silky “Sherbet” Primer That Gives Skin A Blurred, Glowy Finish

This cooling makeup primer with a sherbet texture blurs pores and evens out skin tone for a smooth, glowy finish, whether you wear it under makeup or on its own. It has hydrating ingredients like cocoa, peony blooms, and cherry blossoms to keep skin moisturized and nourished all day without feeling greasy. One reviewer wrote, “Love this product! It doesn’t take a lot to smooth all over your face! And it literally just melts into your skin!”

This Veggie Cutter That Slices Produce Into 4 Pieces

Make meal prep less of a chore thanks to this fruit and veggie divider that effortlessly slices produces into uniform quarters. It’s made with sharp stainless steel blades that ensure clean cuts and has a flexible internal guide to accommodate different food shapes and sizes with ease. Use it with cucumbers, grapes, strawberries, carrots — you name it.

A Brownie Pan That Makes Every Piece An Edge Piece

This brownie pan upgrades your baking game by making every piece an edge piece, with crisp corners and chewy centers. It’s outfitted with 12 cavities and the nonstick surface and dishwasher-safe construction make removal and cleaning a breeze. Use it for blondies, miniature cakes, and fruit bars, too.

This Cleansing Balm That Melts Away Your Makeup

Ditch harsh face cleansers for this cleansing balm that dissolves the makeup on your face. It features only 10 ingredients for a minimalist, clean formula, and it whisks away even mascara with ease. Elite Daily shopping editor Anna Anderson says, “This is a great first step in a double-cleanse routine. It melts away makeup with just a little massaging — no water necessary until you’re ready to rinse.”

These Cute AF Paper Clips Shaped Like Music Notes

Elevate your office supply game with these colorful paper clips in the shape of fun and festive musical notes. The set includes 100 paper clips crafted with high-quality materials in six bright colors to instantly add some personality to your loose papers, notebooks, scrapbooks, and more.