The 50 Most Amazing Finds Under $35 On Amazon, According To Beauty Experts
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The best kind of beauty experts are those who love spilling the tea on the best budget-friendly skincare finds that get your skin healthy, smooth, and glowing without breaking the bank. Luckily, I talked to Emmy-nominated makeup artists, board-certified dermatologists, and celebrity estheticians to find their favorite products — from sunscreens and moisturizers, to cleansers and contouring tools — and narrowed it down to the top 50. So, instead of spending your hard-earned dough on unworthy products, check out these affordable favorites that come with glowing recommendations.

This Gently Exfoliating Toner That’s Packed With Vitamin C & Fruit Extracts

“This quickly absorbing revitalizing toner makes an excellent foundation for your skincare routine,” says Valerie Aparovich, certified cosmetologist-esthetician at OnSkin. It’s packed with some of her favorite ingredients like vitamin C and niacinamide as well as essential extracts from fruits to not only cleanse your skin but enhance the tone, correct dark spots, balance sebum, and reveal an overall glowing complexion.

A 2-In-1 Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush That Gently Vibrates

“This cleansing brush is designed to provide deeper cleansing and more thorough grime removal from the skin’s surface,” Aparovich says. It features two types of silicone bristles — a coarser brush to deeply cleanse the T-zone, and a fine brush for gentle exfoliation on the rest of the face. It slightly heats up when it’s in use, which promotes blood circulation for a more sculpted face. And it has five modes to adjust to the different parts of your face.

This Scalp Massaging Brush That Can Be Used Wet Or Dry

“Not only can using this scalp massage brush relax your scalp and relieve muscle tension in the area, but it also helps distribute shampoo over your scalp for a more efficient thick hair washing and eliminates product and dead cell build-up,” explains Aparovich. It comes with two interchangeable brush heads, one with long conical bristles for shampoo application or wet cleansing, and one with short rounded bristles for dry brushing and massaging.

This Jade Roller & Gua Sha For A Spa-Like Facial Massage At Home

“Gently gliding gua sha along facial massage lines helps ease muscle tension, stimulate blood circulation, activate lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness, and even out the complexion,” explains Aparovich. “Massaging your under-the-eye with a jade roller will help reduce fluid stagnation, alleviate puffiness, and bring you a brighter, well-rested look.”

Both of these pieces are carved from natural jade stone to calm your skin and remove the look of tension and fatigue on your face. Plus, the brand recommends keeping it in the refrigerator for an even deeper contour and cooling sensation when using.

These Silicone Exfoliators That Soften & Smooth Your Lips

Another often forgotten step in your skincare routine is exfoliating your lips. “Lips require gentle exfoliation like the rest of the skin to look smooth and groomed,” Aparovich says. She recommends these double-sided silicone brushes that can be used alone or with a lip scrub to remove dead skin and soften, smooth, and soothe your lips. Not only is this step great for your overall lip health, but exfoliated lips make for a much more even foundation for your makeup.

These Clean Disposable Face Towelettes With A 4.8-Star Rating

“There is so much bacteria on sponges and towels,” says master esthetician Limor Weinberg. That’s why she recommends you use these disposable Clean Skin Club towelettes on your face. They can be used for everything — cleansing, drying, removing makeup or face masks, you name it. And they can be tossed out after each use to ensure you’re only touching your face with clean, bacteria-free towels every time. “Trust me when I say it is absolutely worth it to make the switch,” Weinberg continues.

A Viral Lip Mask That Moisturizes While You’re Sleeping

“This go-to makes your lips look and feel fabulous!,” Weinberg says. Packed with vitamin C, coconut oil, shea butter, and a berry fruit complex, the classic Laneige lip mask can be worn at night while you sleep “to keep your lips hydrated” or during the day for a “juicy, gloss effect.” It not only nourishes, hydrates, and soothes but also creates a barrier on your lips to lock in moisture and prevent future aggravation.

This Tapioca Dry Shampoo That’s Better For Scalp Health

On days you don’t feel like washing your hair, Ghanima Abdullah, cosmetologist at, recommends swapping out your dry shampoo for this tapioca one. “Most dry shampoos can plug the hair follicles due to containing ingredients like clay or talc,” she explains. But this one uses tapioca instead, which is better for scalp health. The tapioca absorbs oil, dirt, and general buildup from your roots and ends while the rice starch adds volume to keep your hair looking clean and fresh.

A Budget-Friendly Makeup Brush Set With Everything You Need (& More)

“If you use makeup, you need decent brushes for it to go on well,” says Abdullah. “Try a brush set like this one.” She loves the flat kabuki brush for blush and the slanted brushes for highlighter. This 16-piece set also includes a couple eyeshadow blending brush, a foundation brush, and an eyelash brush with soft, dense bristles. There’s also a bonus eyebrow razor to keep your brows sculpted and face fuzz-free.

This Shimmering Setting Spray With A Super Lightweight Formula

“If you're going out, don't forget to set your makeup with a shimmery spray,” Abdullah says. “It brings so much beauty to your face and isn't over the top.” This setting spray has a super lightweight formula that keeps your makeup in place while adding a subtle shimmer. It’s infused with hyaluronic acid, cucumber water, and more to be compatible with dry, oily, and combination skin.

These Microneedling Dart Patches That Tackle Early-Stage Blemishes

“I rely on ZitSticka KILLA to combat deep and early-stage blemishes,” says Victoria Waked, head of US training at Dr. med. Christine Schramek. “Not only does it expedite healing and flattening, but it also discreetly conceals while protecting and soothing my very sensitive skin.” These pimple patches feature 24 microdarts that gently pierce the surface of the skin to deliver powerful hydrocolloid acid directly to the source of the up-and-coming pimple to curb progress and improve the look of redness in as little as two hours.

This Silky Purple Conditioner That Tones Blonde & Gray Hair

Celebrity hairstylist Laurie Heaps loves this conditioner for its silky texture, detangling properties, and purple pigment that neutralizes your blonde or gray hair. “The conditioner is a game-changer,” she says. “Not only does it effortlessly tone any brassiness, but it also leaves my client's hair incredibly conditioned.” It’s packed with notes of blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry as well as milk proteins and violet pigments to brighten your color and leave your hair looking — and smelling — great.

This Lathering Shampoo That Mutes Orange Tones From Blonde Hair

“The shampoo is equally impressive,” says Heaps. “One of my favorite features is its ability to combat any unwanted brassy or orange tones.” Like the coordinating conditioner, this shampoo is also infused with berries and milk protein as well as mango extract and violet pigments to neutralize unwanted yellow or green tones in your blonde or gray hair that’s commonly cause by pollution or chlorine. It gets super lathery when you’re in the shower and has a delicious berry scent.

This Luxurious Lip Oil That Hydrates While It Shines

“Get ready for some lip action with Appleberry Lip Oil – a must-have in your purse arsenal!” says Kristin Gunn, celebrity esthetician. “It's not just hydrating; it's the marathon runner of lip tints, promising you long-lasting color that's here to stay.” This lip stain goes on smooth and silky to give you a plump, luxurious gloss without leaving that sticky or tacky feeling of other lip products. It’s infused with apple water, raspberry extract, and vitamins that moisturize and hydrate while giving your lips a perfectly subtle tint that lasts all day long.

This Comfy Sleep Mask That Blocks 100% Of Light

“Nighttime light [...] can lead to poor sleep as well as skin issues like dryness or acne,” Gunn explains. Using a sleep mask like this super comfortable one can block 100% of light to help you get a deeper, more satisfying sleep. It has built-in donut-shaped eye cups that you can adjust to fit directly over your eyes to reduce unwanted pressure and allow you to blink without disruption. Plus, the material is soft, breathable, and has an adjustable strap to fit snug but cozy.

A Budget-Friendly Set Of Smooth Silk Pillowcases To Reduce Frizz & Skin Creases

Gunn calls the eye mask the “silk pillowcase’s partner-in-crime,” so of course your beauty sleep needs a silk pillowcase, too. Made of 22 momme, 100% Mulberry silk, this affordable set of pillowcases are soft, silky, and cooling, which can help to reduce frizzy hair and split ends while preventing creases and redness on your face.

The Cucumber & Aloe Vera-Packed Toner With 97,000 5-Star Ratings

Packed with witch hazel, aloe vera, and cucumber extract, Gunn loves this toner for all its hydration, soothing, and blemish-fighting properties. “Cucumber and witch hazel are like a power couple battling blemishes and telling pores to behave. This is an important step in skin health a lot of people miss,” she notes. Toner resets the Ph level of your skin after cleansing.” The brand claims this toner removes impurities, smoothes texture, evens skin tone, hydrates, and shrinks the look of pores to reveal overall glowing skin. Plus, it doesn’t use alcohol, so it’s gentler and safer for sensitive skin.

These Soothing & Moisturizing Eyelid Wipes That Expertly Remove Makeup

“NOVEHA tea tree oil eyelid & lash wipes are packed with wrinkle fighting, hydrating ingredients,” Gunn explains. “Think of these wipes as your sidekick for makeup removal and skin TLC.” With aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, tea tree oil, chamomile, and green tea, these wipes not only expertly remove new and built-up makeup, but also soothe, refresh, hydrate, and calm your eyes and surrounding skin.

This Hydrating Hair Oil With Built-In Heat Protection

Master stylist and salon founder Yvey Valcin says, “This argan oil with moringa oil blend from CHI is not only is it perfect for heat styling as it has built-in heat protection. It's also a great product to soften beard texture.” Though it’s packed with moisturizers, it still retains a lightweight texture that won’t weigh down your hair or leave a greasy residue. The built-in heat protection prevents thermal styling damage and naturally found UV rays to not only add shine but also moisturize and rejuvenate damaged hair.

A Classic Beautyblender That Evenly & Smoothly Applies Foundation

Emmy-nominated makeup artist Gabrielle Devine recommends this Beautyblender makeup sponge to create a seamless and streak-free application of your liquid, powder, and cream foundation. This splurge-worthy sponge has a pointed tip for contours and corners, a rounded edge for neck and cheekbones, and a flat bottom for blendable coverage everywhere else. Plus, the pore-like texture applies without absorbing, so all your makeup ends up on your face — not on the blender.

This Powerful Makeup Brush Shampoo With Bestseller Status

When it’s time to clean your makeup sponge or brushes, Devine loves this best-selling vegan shampoo. It’s powerful enough to remove makeup, dirt, oil and other potentially acne-causing bacteria, while staying gentle enough to maintain your brush’s shape and structure. Simply dampen with warm water, massage a small amount of shampoo into the brush, and rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.

These Disposable Eyeliner Brushes With Super Fine Heads

Create the perfect wing with these disposable eyeliner brushes that Devine recommends. They have a super fine 8-millimeter pointed end that makes drawing on a smooth, delicate eyeliner stroke way easier. Plus each disposable brush comes with a plastic sleeve so you can bring them with you for touchups no matter where you are.

These 2-Sided Makeup Eraser Pads That Only Need Water

Effortlessly remove foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, and even waterproof mascara by just adding water to these reusable makeup erasers. On one side is an ultra soft microfiber that’s great for erasing and cleansing, while the other side is slightly rougher to deeply exfoliate. Each pad in this seven-day set is machine-washable and can last up to five years.

This Reusable Finger Sponge That Helps You Apply Foundation Streak-Free

Devine recommends this makeup sponge, which is made from the same foam as your go-tos, but goes directly onto your finger for better control. Use it to evenly and smoothly apply liquid and cream foundations and concealers. The pointed tip helps you get into the corners of your eyes and nose, while the long and flat side is great for the rest of your face

This Pro-Grade Makeup Brush Cleaner With A Delish Citrus Scent

Clean your finger sponge, beauty blender, makeup brushes — it even works on your paint brushes — with this professional-grade cleaner that Devine recommends. The 16-ounce container removes product from your makeup applicators to to keep your face clean. It can even remove glitter from your brushes after a fun night out.

A Best-Selling Solution To Reduce The Appearance Of Ingrown Hairs & Razor Bumps

“As someone who has always suffered from ingrown hairs, this product was recommended to me by my wax esthetician a few years ago and it has been a staple in my grooming regimen since,” says Dr. Glenicia Nosworthy, aesthetic physician and the CEO of Glo by Glen Facial Optimization.

With 38,000 five-star ratings, this solution is also a fan-favorite for those who are looking to treat ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Just apply a thin coat to your legs, underarms, or bikini lines after shaving or waxing to reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. The brand claims you can see results in just 24 to 48 hours.

An Enamel-Safe Teeth Whitening Kit That Can Show Results In 10 Minutes

Though Dr. Nosworthy says she prefers professional teeth whitening, she recommends this kit for a last-minute refresh in just 10 minutes. “They always work to lift my teeth 1-2 shades the night before an event,” she explains. After nine applications, the brand claims it can brighten your smile up to 10 shades. The kit comes with whitening gel and an LED light accelerator to remove wine, coffee, smoking, soda, and food stains from your teeth.

This Smooth Yet Pliable Control Paste For Expert, Grease-Free Hairstyles

Dr. Nosworthy She loves this hair control paste for four reasons: “1) No white cast 2) Great shine 3) No heavy residue 4) Strong hold without hardening the hair. Hair is still moldable.” Indeed, this paste gives you definition and hold without leaving a greasy, tacky residue that’s hard to style. It’s suitable for all hair types and works best when emulsified in your hand and the applied to dry hair to style exactly the way you want it.

This Best-Selling Hair Building Solution That’s Resistant To Sweat

“At a point in time I experienced hair loss due to tight sew ins/extensions,” Dr. Nosworthy explains.” This was a great product to help camouflage thinning areas and allowed me to wear my natural hair confidently without feeling the insecurity of thinning edges while nursing my hair back to optimal health.”

After styling dry hair, just shake the powder into your hair, pat them around until they’re evenly dispersed, and the fibers cling to your hair follicles — not your scalp — to seamlessly blend and create long-lasting, thicker and fuller-looking hair. Plus, it’s wind-, sweat-, and water-resistant, so it only comes out when you wash your hair.

This Hydrating Hair Mask That Improves Shine & Textures

Creative master colorist Jay Hogan raves about this hydrating mask saying it, “goes beyond ordinary conditioning to deeply nourish and restore moisture and elasticity to dry hair.” Simply apply evenly throughout towel-dried, slightly damp hair, leave for up to seven minutes, and then rinse out completely. It can be used in place of conditioner to not only deeply hydrate, but also improve shine, elasticity, and overall hair health. Plus, Hogan says, “it also smells amazing!”

This Shine-Enhancing Spray That Deserves Its Hype

Hogan calls this bestselling spray “a game-changer for anyone looking to tame frizz and achieve a glossy, glass-like smoothness.” With over 52,000 five-star ratings, reviewers agree that the spray helped them achieve “a sleek, healthy look.” Spray this coat liberally into damp hair, distribute evenly with a comb, and blow dry to activate it’s frizz-free, shiny, glossy hair effects. It waterproofs your hair against humidity to block out frizz-causing moisture. It doubles as a heat protectant and can last through three or four shampoos.

This Instant Recovery Serum That Hydrates & Restores Hair

“The JVN Complete Instant Recovery Serum is a true game-changer when it comes to repairing and protecting,” Hogan says. “It is especially great for those with heat damage, frizz and porosity.”

Packed with niacinamide, hemisqualane, and lemon protein, the brand claims that this serum reduces split ends by 40% and protects against heat styling up to 450 degrees. All you have to do for shiny, fortified hair is add this serum with a wide tooth comb to damp hair from mid lengths to ends, and then blow dry, air dry, or add more styling products.

These Wrist Towels That Keep Water From Dripping Down Your Arms

Aesthetic nurse practitioner Jackie Spagnuolo loves these wrist towels to “keep water and product from dripping down your arms.” They’re made of a super soft and plush microfiber that’s skin-friendly and features strong water absorption to keep your skincare routine mess-free. Plus, they have a comfy elastic interior so they stretch to fit snug against your wrists.

A Moisturizing Mineral Sunscreen That Also Protects From Blue Light

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Marisa Garshick loves this mineral sunscreen. Not only does it protect your skin from UVA, UVB and blue light, but she notes it “also contains hyaluronic acid and bio-designed collagen to help boost moisture, helping to hydrate and plump the skin” without a white cast. It has an SPF of 30 and is so lightweight it can be worn daily by itself or underneath makeup for extra protection.

The Classic Vaseline That’s Ultra Hydrating & Soothing Everywhere

“Tried and true, this drugstore favorite not only helps to lock moisture in, but also provides a protective barrier helping to protect the skin from external irritants, making it a good option for lips, hands and dry or cracked skin,” says Dr. Garshick.

Vaseline has been a favorite for decades because it’s proven to do one thing expertly well: lock in moisture and heal your skin. Whether you have cracked hands in the winter, chapped lips in the summer, or itchy areas from chronic conditions, just apply some petroleum jelly at night — or anytime throughout the day — and it speeds up the hydrating and healing process.

This Foaming Cleanser That Locks In Moisture & Attracts Water To Skin

Dr. Garshick also can’t recommend this gentle but powerful cleanser enough. “It effectively cleanses without drying the skin as it contains ceramides to strengthen the skin barrier and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration,” she explains. Packed with amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and other essentials, this cleanser not only cleans, but also holds water on the surface of your skin to elevate your face’s natural moisture and protective barriers. It dispenses as a luxe cream and starts to foam as you lather for a deeper clean.

This Best-Selling Face Moisturizer That Hydrates For 48 Hours

“This moisturizer contains a combination of ceramides to help strengthen the skin barrier and niacinamide which has soothing properties, while also supporting the skin barrier and calming the skin,” Garshick says. “This lightweight cream helps to replenish moisture using glycerin and can be used all year.”

It has a creamy but lightweight texture that’s easy to apply and buildable — so you can wear it alone or as a skin-fortifying foundation for your makeup routine. After one hour, the brand claims it begins repairing your skin’s natural barrier, and the deep-seeded hydration can last up to 48 hours. No wonder it’s the number one bestseller in Amazon’s “face moisturizers” category.

This Super Gentle Foam Cleanser With Soothing Rose Extract

Dr. Garshick loves this cleanser because “[it] is gentle enough to be used on its own or as part of a double cleansing routine, without leaving the skin feeling stripped, making it a great option for all skin types, including those with dry skin.” It’s infused with rose extract and postbiotics that work together with the vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera to soothe, hydrate, and cleanse without stripping your skin’s natural moisture barrier. It dispenses as a billowy foam that supports your skin’s microbiomes to reveal a glowing complexion.

This Powerful Eye Cream That Uses Caffeine To Reduce Puffiness

This eye cream is one of Dr. Garshick favorites for its depuffing and brightening qualities. The plant-based retinol alternative won’t irritate skin while improving your skin’s laxity, while the coffeeberry extract is packed with caffeine to stimulate blood flow and reduce dark circles and puffiness. Use a pearl-sized amount of this lightweight cream after toner and serum on your under eyes once a day for best results.

This Deeply-Penetrating Retinol Night Cream That Brightens & Firms

Dr. Garshick calls this night cream “a great option for retinol beginners.” It has advanced retinol and squalene that work together to not only seal in hydration and fortify your skin’s natural moisture barrier but also improve elasticity, brighten, and firm. It’s super lightweight and breathable, making it a great overnight cream because it dries quickly and won’t end up all over your pillow.

This Lightweight Moisturizer That’s Great For Sensitive Skin

“This nourishing but lightweight lotion uses key ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides to support the skin barrier, but it still absorbs easily,” Dr. Garshick says. She recommends it for people with sensitive skin because of it’s gentle ingredient list and fragrance-free, dye-free formula. It’s super lightweight and goes on seamlessly and easily without leaving any kind of thick or greasy residue, which makes it great to wear alone to hydrate or underneath makeup.

This Hyaluronic Acid-Infused Gel Cream Moisturizer With Cult Favorite Status

“This lightweight water gel-cream is a great moisturizer that can be used daily, combining the benefits of a gel as it absorbs easily and a cream as it maintains long-lasting hydration,” Dr. Garshick explains. From fan-favorite brand Neutrogena, this moisturizer is recommended for those with dry to very dry skin, as it deeply penetrates the deep beneath the skin’s surface for utmost hydration that will have your skin plump and glowing in no time. Wear it alone or underneath makeup — either way, your skin will thank you.

These Exfoliating Toner Pads That Are Infused With Soothing Green Tea

“These easy-to-use salicylic acid pads can be used once or twice daily after cleansing to help unclog pores and reduce oil to improve the appearance of breakouts and blemishes,” Dr. Garshick says. They’re soaked in green tea extract and 2% salicylic acid to not only expertly cleanse, but also balance your skin’s natural pH, calm commonly found irritation, and smooth to reveal glowing skin.

This Popular At-Home Hair Dye That Washes Away Gradually

“Not only will at-home coloring save you money, but it will also free up precious time usually spent at salons and ensure you always look your best without breaking the bank or sacrificing your schedule,” explains global creative director of color & style at Clairol Marcy Cona. With over 18,000 five-star reviews, this option will last for 28 washes, and it fades gradually and naturally. It’s also made without ammonia and with coconut oil and aloe vera to soothe and smooth your locks. It’s available in over 40 popular shades from light blonde to blue black.

This Sheer Tinted Mineral Sunscreen That’s Nice & Lightweight

Makeup artist, expert brow artist, and founder of Hairy Little Things Alixandria Capparelli loves this tinted mineral sunscreen, which has a powerful SPF of 50. It’s made with 30 plant-based ingredients such as raspberry oil that soothes and moisturizes, and sweet white lupine that protects from blue light. This sunscreen is slightly tinted to give you a sun kissed glow while minimizing any lingering white cast. You can wear it alone or beneath makeup as a skin-protecting primer.

This Exfoliating Body Brush With Soft Boar Hair Bristles

Capparelli also recommends this dry brush, which uses gentle boar hair bristles and rubber nodes to massage, eliminate dead cells, and soothe muscles to reveal smoother, softer skin. It has a wooden base with a canvas strap that makes it easy to hold and move over your skin and, when used regularly, it can promote blood circulation, improve tone, and exfoliate.

This Self Tanning Lotion With Over 14,000 5-Star Ratings

Get that sun-kissed, feel-good glow no matter the season when you use this self tanning lotion that Capparelli is a fan of. First of all, it doesn’t have an overpowering chemical scent like so many self tanners, and it doesn’t leave that slightly orange tone that immediately makes a tan look fake. Second, it comes in three shades to customize to your natural skin tone, and can be used on both the face and body for an all-over beachy tan.

This Luxurious Eye Mask Made With Super Plush Memory Foam

“This is perfect for the girls who have lash extensions,” Capparelli says, because of the built-in contoured pads that elevate the mask from your eyes so it won’t put pressure on or crease your lashes. It’s made with plush memory foam that’s lightweight, breathable, and super comfy to sleep in. It blocks light in all directions and has an adjustable head strap to ensure a snug fit.

This Professional-Grade Lash Curler That Won’t Crease Or Pull

“Invest in a good eyelash curler,” says Stephanie G-M, makeup artist and founder of Ouli's Ointment. “Curl lashes from root to tip with a few pumps along the way to combat tiredness and keep lashes lifted throughout the day and wake up your eyes and face.” This curler has an ergonomic handle that’s super easy to open and close, as well as a thick, rounded silicone pad that curls without creasing. It’s super gentle so it won’t stick to or pull on your lashes, and it comes with three replacement pads to switch out ever few months to keep things clean and hygienic.

This Stainless Steel Gua Sha That’s Naturally Cooling

G-M also loves this stainless steel Gua Sha, saying it’s a “great quick and easy way to wake your face up first thing in the morning post a night out or not enough sleep.” The unique shape contours to your cheekbones, jawline, nose, and hairline, to drain lymph fluids, relieve tension, and massage muscles. When used with the included motion guidelines, it can plump, tighten, firm, and lift your skin. Plus the stainless steel is naturally cool to the touch so you don’t have to refrigerate it prior to using.