75 Insanely Cool Things Under $30 On Amazon Prime

Awesome finds that won’t break the bank.

Written by Alexandra Elizabeth
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A little retail therapy is all it takes to turn my mood around. The only catch is that I’m not exactly rich — which is why I try to limit my spending to stuff that’s insanely cool and has a price tag of $30 or less. This way, I can add multiple things to my cart without having to worry about my credit card bill come the end of the month. If you could also benefit from scratching a little shopping itch, scroll on for wildly cool finds that won’t break the bank.

The Stainless Steel Screen That Helps Save You From Cooking Splatter

Frying food can be incredibly messy — unless you have this splatter screen. Not only does the mesh prevent hot oil pops from dirtying up your counters (or getting on you), but it also allows steam to escape for fried foods that come out deliciously crispy without the burn risk.

An Affordable Area Rug With *Thousands* Of Positive Reviews

With thousands of positive four- and five-star reviews, it’s clear that this area rug is an absolute steal for the price. It’s made from a durable material that holds up in high-traffic areas — and the low pile is unlikely to snag on doors. Plus, the nonslip backing helps keep it from shifting out of place. “This is a beautiful rug!” raved one reviewer. “Super soft and feels like a high quality rug for a lower price.”

The Outlet Extender That Adds 5 Plugs & 3 USB Ports To Your Wall

If you’re tired of hunting around for a USB brick when you want to charge your phone, consider it a problem of the past once you’ve plugged in this extender. It adds three USB ports, one type-C port, and three extra plugs, giving you ample room to power a variety of devices. Choose from two colors: black or white.

A Utensil Organizer That Expands To Fit Nearly Any Drawer

Silverware, stirrers, measuring spoons — this organizer has space for all of it and more. It expands from 13 out to 19 inches, making it easy to fit in nearly any drawer. Little nonslip tabs at each corner help keep it from shifting out of place whenever you open or close your drawer.

The Smart Camera That Lets You Talk To Pets (Or Family) When You’re Away

Ever wonder what your pets get up to while you’re away? Then this smart camera is worth a look. Two-way audio lets you talk to your pets (or sure, family members) as well as see what they’re doing — all in full, vivid HD color. Plus, the water-resistant design makes it suitable for outdoor use.

These Cute Honeycomb Bookends That Come In 6 Finishes

These bookends are a cute addition to any bookshelf. They’re made from rust-resistant metal, with a powder-coated finish that comes in six colors: turquoise, black, white, yellow, gold, or gray. Plus, the geometric honeycomb pattern levels up most any decor with an oh-so-modern look.

A Seamless Bra That’s Just As Stretchy As It Is Comfortable

Not only does this bra have a seamless look underneath clothes, but it also features panels on the side designed to lay smoothly underneath clothing. It’s made from a stretchy (yet soft) nylon-elastane blend — and the wide straps promise not to dig into your skin.

  • Available colors: 4
  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
These Nonslip Socks That Won’t Leave Your Feet Sweating

Whether you’re headed to Pilates or your home is chock-full of smooth floors, these socks are a smart buy. Nonslip PVC grips on the bottom help keep you from sliding around. And since they’re made from a premium cotton-nylon blend, you can rest assured that they’re just as soft as they are breathable.

The Meat Thermometer With A Temperature Guide Printed On The Handle

If you can’t quite tell if that steak is cooked all the way through, it’s not a problem when you have this meat thermometer. The backlit screen is easy to read even if grilling outside at night — and there’s even a temperature guide for fish, pork, poultry, and beef printed right on the handle. Batteries also come included.

A Water Bottle That Reminds You To Stay Hydrated

Remembering to drink water throughout the day can be tough when you’re busy — and that’s where this bottle comes in handy. Time markings on the side remind you to take a sip every few hours, while the flip-top lid helps keep you safe from spills. Plus, each order comes with a blender ball so that you can use it to mix up protein shakes, too.

This Easy-To-Install Wireless Doorbell With 52 Chimes

If your home didn’t come with a doorbell already installed, consider taking a look at this wireless version. Just mount it outside your door with the included adhesive or screws, then plug in the receiver inside — installation done. It has a range of up to 1,000 feet, and since it comes loaded with 52 chimes, you can even change up your doorbell every week of the year without repeating.

These Disposable Liners That Help Keep Your Air Fryer Clean

Having to clean out the air fryer after every use is a massive pain. That’s where these liners step in. They’re BPA-free, waterproof, and nonstick, making them suitable for use with nearly any food you want to air-fry. And since they’re made from disposable parchment paper, you can simply toss them into the trash once you’ve finished cooking.

The Grippy Oven Mitts That Are Heat-Resistant Up To 450 Degrees Fahrenheit

If you’ve got crummy, old-school cotton oven mitts hanging around, toss them in favor of these silicone ones. Not only are they heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, but their extra-long design also helps protect your forearms from burns when reaching into ovens. Plus, the textured palms help you keep a firm grip on hot cookware.

These 100% Cotton Dishcloths That Can Help Save You Money

Rather than reaching for a wasteful paper towel the next time you need to wipe up a spill, grab one of these dishcloths. They’re made from 100% cotton, making them just as absorbent as they are soft. And since you can wash and reuse them hundreds of times, they can even help you save money when compared to paper towels.

A Rapid Egg Cooker That Gets Breakfast Made Quickly

You don’t have to go hungry when rushing out the door on busy mornings — just use this rapid egg cooker to whip up a quick meal. It can do soft-, hard-, or medium-boiled eggs, up to six at a time, as well as cook scrambled eggs, poached eggs, and omelets. At just 1 pound in weight, it’s also easy to stash inside of a cabinet once you’ve finished cooking.

This Nifty Vinyl Record Stand Made From Solid Pine

Looking for stylish ways to put your vinyls on display? Search no further than this stand. It’s made from solid pine wood — not plastic — and the ultra-short ledge on the bottom won’t block any text on your vinyl cover. Choose from three finishes: vintage brown, walnut, or natural.

These Handled Mason Jars That Let You Sip Drinks In Style

Whether you’re in the mood for iced coffee or lemonade, these Mason jars will have you sipping your drinks in peak style. The built-in handle gives you somewhere comfortable to grip — and each one comes with a matching screw-top lid to help prevent spills. Choose from two lid styles: classic or straw.

A Veggie Chopper That Slices, Chops, & Shreds In Seconds

Save yourself some time and stress in the kitchen with help from this handy vegetable chopper. Eight interchangeable blades let you slice, dice, shred, as well as grate your ingredients — and since each blade is made from stainless steel, there’s no need to worry about them rusting over time. “This was incredibly helpful during [...] dinner prep,” wrote one reviewer. “Chopped my veggies up quickly and uniformly.“

This Cute Mesh Gym Bag That Won’t Latch Onto Unwanted Odors

Colorful, cute, and also incredibly useful, this gym bag won’t latch onto unwanted odors. The mesh walls are ultra-breathable (excellent when stuffing in sweaty items), and it has an oversize design with enough space for basketballs, swimming flippers, or nearly anything else you may want to bring with you. The shoulder strap can be adjusted to sit as high or low on your body as you like.

The Peel-&-Stick Backsplash That’s So, So Easy To Put Up

You won’t need any tools in order to successfully install this chic-looking backsplash. Simply peel the adhesive backing off each panel, then press them right into place on your walls the same way you would with a giant sticker — it’s that easy. And since they’re resistant to heat and moisture, there’s no need to worry about how they’ll fare when placed behind hot stoves or ovens.

This Multicolored Smart Lamp That’s Compatible With Alexa

This smart lamp is a must-have for anyone who likes to kick back and relax after a long day of work. It lights up in millions of different colors, making it easy to create a soothing environment when you’re trying to chill — and you can use the downloadable app to change its settings without getting up from the couch. Or, once you’ve paired it with Alexa, you can even use simple voice commands to adjust its color, brightness, and more.

A Bright Running Headband That Helps Wick Away Sweat

When out on a run, having to constantly wipe sweat from your eyes is no one’s idea of a good time. This headband prevents all that while looking bold and cute to boot. Its nonslip fit keeps it from sliding down your face when running, the breathable fabric absorbs sweat while also helping keep your head cool, and it’s so comfortably stretchy that one size fits all.

The Tool Organizer That Can Hold Up To 100 Pounds

Go ahead and load this organizer up with all sorts of heavy tools, as the metal frame is so sturdy that it can easily hold up to 100 pounds. It works particularly well with power drills — and each order comes with all the pieces you’ll need in order to securely mount it to a wall. Your workspace has never looked better.

A Nonslip Bath Mat That Dries Oh-So-Quickly

Instead of tracking wet footprints throughout your bathroom, step onto this bath mat once you’ve finished taking your shower. Not only will it help absorb all the excess water on the bottoms of your feet, but it also dries quickly so that there’s no need to worry about it growing mildew. Plus, the nonslip backing helps keep it from shifting out of place.

These Under-Cabinet Lights With A Powerful Rechargeable Battery

These LED light bars may just be the easiest kitchen upgrade you’ll ever find. Each order comes with double-sided adhesive that lets you stick them underneath your cabinets — no tools required. Their batteries last for up to 30 days before they’ll need to be recharged. And since each one features a built-in motion sensor, they’ll automatically turn themselves on or off whenever you enter or leave the room.

A 3-D Printed Moon Lamp That Lights Up In So Many Different Colors

I’m a huge fan when it comes to this moon lamp — and not just because it can light up in 128 different gorgeous colors. The surface has been 3-D printed to look and feel like the actual surface of the moon, and each order includes a wooden stand for display, as well as a remote so that you can adjust its settings from afar. Choose from three sizes: small, medium, or large.

The Balance Board Trainer That Can Help You Get Toned At Home

Whether you’d like to improve your balance or are looking for home gym equipment that’s easy on the budget, this balance board is right up your alley. You can incorporate it into a variety of moves in order to give them a boost in difficulty, including planks, lunges, push-ups, and more. And since it’s made from a combination of solid wood and sturdy ABS plastic, it will hold up for the long haul.

These Wallpaper Tools That Make DIY Projects So Smooth

Not only does this set of wallpaper tools cost less than $7 right now, but when it comes to any contact paper projects, they can also help you get rid of stubborn bubbles, trim away excess, and smooth out creases. It’s suitable for use with nearly any type of wallpaper, too, and you can also use it when applying tint to windows.

A Leakproof Bottle That Infuses Fruity Flavors Into Water

If you aren’t a fan of drinking plain water, consider giving this infusion bottle a try. Simply add your favorite fruits to the infusion core, and their juices will gradually seep out, giving plain water a delicious hint of flavor. The leakproof lid also helps prevent any spills — and there’s even a silicone patch on the side to help you keep a firm grip when sipping.

This High-Pressure Shower Head Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

Consider this shower head a definite upgrade from the one that came with your home. Its anti-clog, self-cleaning nozzles help prevent grime from accumulating over time, which helps keep your water pressure pleasantly high. And since it converts to a handheld, it also works great when giving pets a bath.

These Clever Hangers For Wrinkle-Free Pants

For a more organized closet and neater-looking clothes, give these wooden pants hangers a try. Not only are these hangers made with a classic wood finish, they also feature a lowered, nonslip bar that gives you plenty of room to drape your item neatly, which helps avoid unnecessary wrinkles. Plus, the hanger rotates 360 degrees for easy maneuvering.

  • Available colors: 2
The Magical Towel That Wipes Away Waterproof Makeup

Make your skin-care routine more affordable, and eco-friendlier, with this MakeUp Eraser, which can replace all your single-use wipes. It’s covered in tiny fibers that, with the addition of water, wick away even waterproof makeup with ease. When it needs a cleaning, just toss it in the washing machine and keep reusing it for up to five years.

  • Available colors: 10
A Handy Magnetic Screen Door That’s Simple To Set Up

Forget the pricy contractors, because this magnetic screen door is so easy to get set up. All you have to do is align it on your door frame and attach it with either the provided metal tacks or the hook and loop tape. The magnets at the center are easy to open when you need to pass through and close right behind you to prevent bugs from getting in your home.

  • Available colors: 2
This Brush Set That Makes Your Power Drill A Cleaning MVP

Enjoy cleaner surfaces on the cheap with this drill brush attachment set, which turns your drill into a power scrubber. The set comes with five different brush heads, allowing you to tackle large surface areas and small detailed crannies alike, plus a drill bit adapter. The brushes come fitted with gentle nylon bristles that are easy on your surfaces, too.

  • Available colors: 5
These Scented Drawer Liners For A Dresser Glow-Up

Get almost the look of a remodel without dropping tons of cash thanks to these scented drawer liners. That’s right, not only do they elevate your furniture with chic patterns, they can also literally refresh a space thanks to their dreamy scent options (think: sandalwood, lavender, rose). Each set comes with six trimmable sheets that measure 14 by 19.5 inches.

  • Available colors: 7
A Witchy Spoon Holder That Reduces Stovetop Messes

For a practical addition to your kitchen that’s sure to make you smile, try this spoon holder in the shape of a spooky witch. It’s made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone and is super easy to use. Just clip it onto the rim of your pot, and slide your spoon through when you’re done stirring so that you won’t get any drips on your countertops.

This Rechargeable Book Light With Lots Of Cool Features

For casual readers and bookworms alike, this clip-on book light is here to elevate your literary adventures. Boasting a stellar 4.8-star overall rating, it charges up via USB and casts a wide glow to distribute light across both pages. It can run for up to 80 hours, has five brightness settings, and feature an angle adjustment for perfect illumination.

  • Available colors: 5
An Absorbent Mat To Line Your Kitchen Countertops

Cut back on the constant scrubbing with this rubber coffee machine mat. Especially ideal for wood and marble surfaces, it’s made from absorbent diatomite with a nonslip rubber backing, so it’ll stay in place while soaking up and concealing drips, so you can go longer in between cleanings. All you have to do is rinse it with soap and water.

  • Available colors: 8
A Bathroom Counter Organizer That Doesn’t Sacrifice Aesthetics

If you’ve got a messy vanity, this hair tool and cosmetics organizer is here to help straighten it up. It boasts a sleek acrylic construction with three steel-lined cups that are perfect for storing hot tools, like your hair dryer or curling iron. The bottom tray can house extra cosmetics, or you can use it to stash a power strip to plug in multiple items at once.

These Neoprene Sleeves For Hot Or Cold Drinks

Whether you want to keep a hot beverage warm or a cold drink chill, these neoprene sleeves for glass water bottles are here to help, thanks to their insulating properties. The set comes with a six sleeves, so you can change up your color to match the vibes. Each one is designed to fit 16- to 18-ounce containers and comes with a helpful loop for carrying, too.

A 6-Pack Of Hair Catchers In Pretty Pastels

Whoever said shower maintenance couldn’t look good has never seen these silicone drain protectors that come in colors like pale pink and sage green. Simply place a cover over the drain and the water will flow through as usual, but hair strands will collect on top, making it easy to wipe it all away and prevent clogging.

  • Available colors: 2
The Silky Smooth Pillows That Are So Good For Your Hair & Skin

Level up your bedding with this pair of satin pillowcases. Thanks to the satin fabric, which has lots of slip, these pillows glide effortlessly across your skin and hair, resulting in less breakage and facial creasing. And unlike cotton, the non-absorbent material won’t strip your hair or skin of moisture, so you can ensure hydration is locked in all night long.

  • Available colors: 36
A Set Of Handsome Whiskey Stones For Your Next Happy Hour

For all the cocktail connoisseurs out there, these whiskey stones are sure to delight. They’re made from polished granite and come six to a set, displayed in an attractive wooden tray. Just pop them in the freezer to chill and use them in your drinks as you would ice cubes, thereby preventing any melting that could water down your drink.

These Highly Rated Food Containers For Easy Storage

Stash your leftovers with confidence using these leakproof food storage containers. They have locking lids that create an airtight seal for freshness, and are easy to stack in the fridge to help save space. Not only are they BPA-free, but they have vented lids that let you use them in the microwave. They’re well loved by reviewers, over 82,000 of whom have weighed in to give them a stellar 4.7-star overall rating.

A Pair Of Practical Shoe Organizers That Fit Under Your Bed

If you’re low on closet space, try these under-bed shoe organizers to neatly stash your kicks. Each organizer fits 12 pairs of shoes and features a transparent top for easy identification of contents. They also come fitted with handles that make them easy to pull out when you’re ready to locate your kicks.

  • Available colors: 2
The Wine Wands That Filter Out Sulfites & Histamines

If you find yourself sensitive to wine, try these wand filters to help remove sulfites and histamines that can lead to headaches, flushing, congestion, and other symptoms. Simply submerge the filter in your glass for a few minutes — it even works with wine from bottles that have been previously opened. When you’re done, the top twists off to create a unique wine charm, so you can easily tell your glass apart from others.

  • Available colors: 3
This Sturdy Travel Mug With Temperature Control

Consider this camping mug a necessity for your next outdoor adventure. Made from powder-coated stainless steel, this double-wall insulated mug keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. It comes with a lid to prevent spills, complete with a slide-open slot for sipping.

  • Available colors: 11
These Pearly Globes That Water Your Plants For You

If you struggle to keep plants alive, you’re not alone, but these self-watering spikes can help. Just fill the glass globes with water and drive them into the soil of your plant, which will soak up exactly as much hydration as it needs. They come two to a set and are finished with a pearly, iridescent sheen that makes them as attractive as they are practical.

  • Available colors: 4
The Rustic Canisters That Give Your Kitchen A Homey Feel

For a little extra organization and charm in your home, look no further than these kitchen canisters. You get three canisters per set, all conveniently labeled with common cooking and baking essentials. They’re made from sturdy stainless steel and have a classic look while still retaining modern features, like airtight seals and a powder-coated finish that resists rust.

A 2-Gallon Trash Can Made To Keep Your Car Tidy

If you’ve been on the hunt for a way to neaten up your ride, this car trash can is just the ticket. Not only is it constructed from leakproof material to prevent spills, it also has a sturdy adjustable strap so you can secure it in a variety of positions, like on the door, behind a headrest, or around your center console. It has a generous 2-gallon capacity and comes with 20 trash bags to get you started.

  • Available colors: 3
The Cult-Favorite Hammock That’s Super Lightweight

For ultimate relaxation anywhere, this camping hammock is an excellent choice that’s earned a 4.8-star overall rating after 49,000 reviews. It’s made from durable nylon and comes with two adjustable tree straps that can be set up in as a little as 60 seconds. It has an attached pocket for a beverage, and when you’re ready to put it away, the entire thing folds down into a small pouch. As one five-star reviewer noted, “ I took it everywhere (mountain, beach, etc.) and it was a good experience. It also dries very fast.”

  • Available colors: 18
A Stretchy Bluetooth Headband For Sleep & Exercise

If you like to fall asleep to music — but earbuds hurt your ears — these wireless sleep headphones are the perfect solution. They’re made from a breathable, stretchy material that lies flat over your ears and can play for up to nine hours on a single charge. Once paired, you can use the controls on the front or simply select your music on your phone. Try wearing it for workouts, too.

  • Available colors: 26
The Core Sliders That Work On Both Carpet & Hard-Surface Floors

The uses for these core sliders are endless, from floor work to planks to lunges. And not only are they lightweight and compact for easy portability, they also glide across a variety of surfaces, including wood, tile, and even carpeting, thanks to the dual-sided textures. And because they come in a range of colors, you can find ones that seamlessly match your workout gear.

  • Available colors: 5
A Fan-Favorite Mattress Protector With A Plush, Breathable Feel

Snag this plush mattress protector for a super budget-friendly price to shield your investment from damage. Not only is it water resistant to help prevent stains and odors, but because it’s ultra breathable, it won’t impact your comfort level at night. With a 4.6-star overall rating, it’s compatible with mattresses up to 18 inches deep, whether they’re foam, spring, or hybrid.

  • Available sizes: Twin — California King
This Handheld Frother For Next-Level Coffee Drinks

Get a latte without having to get dressed to go out, thanks to this milk frother. It comes with a sleek stand for easy storage when not in use and features a stainless steel whisk powered by a motor that boasts 19,000 rotations per minute. Better yet, it can froth up milk in just 15 seconds, so you can focus on what really matters: caffeine consumption.

  • Available colors: 8
An LED Light Strip That Adds Ambient Lighting Anywhere

No matter what kind of vibe you’re going for, you can create it with these LED lights. The strip has an adhesive backing that makes it super easy to install, whether you place it under your kitchen cabinets, behind your bed frame, or around your TV setup. Once it’s in place, you can make adjustments with either the corresponding app or the included remote control — set it on a timer, control the brightness, and even sync it up with music, so it’ll change colors with the rhythm of the song.

These Waterproof Headlamps For Camping, Night Runs & More

Whether you’re camping, going for a night run, or doing some home maintenance in dim lighting, these LED headlamps are here to make the job easier. The lamps have adjustable angled bulbs with handy brightness and power buttons right at the top. And because they’re waterproof, they can hold up in inclement weather, too.

  • Available colors: 6
The Resistance Bands For Simple Home Workouts

Add these resistance tube bands to your home gym and you’ll have a wealth of new exercises at your fingertips. The handles are coated in foam for a comfortable, nonslip grip and the elastic tubing has just the right amount of stretch. They’re incredibly lightweight, too, weighing in at just 9 ounces.

  • Available colors: 5
These Sleek Vacuum-Suction Hooks That Add Instant Storage

Forget the tricky installation, because these suction cup hooks can be set up without any holes or drilling. All you have to do is twist and lock them into place, and you’ll have waterproof storage that even resists humidity. They work on a variety of nonporous surfaces and can support an impressive 15 pounds of weight.

  • Available colors: 5
An Essential Oil Diffuser That Really Sets The Mood

When it comes to relaxation, look no further than this essential oil diffuser. It has an incredibly quiet motor that adds moisture to the air while diffusing a soothing essential oil aroma of your choosing. It even comes with a companion remote that lets you operate a built-in LED bulb, so you can use it as a night-light too.

  • Available colors: 6
These Seamless Nipple Covers For When You Want To Skip The Bra

Whether you’re rocking a backless look or a plunging neckline, these adhesive nipple covers are the accessory you’ve been looking for. Made from body-friendly silicone, these pasties provide just the right amount of seamless coverage under your clothes. Better yet, they’re waterproof, so they’ll stand up to both sweat and humid weather.

  • Available colors: 5
A Detailed Workout Poster For All Your Fitness Inspo

If you’re stuck in an exercise rut, this workout poster is here to provide the inspiration you need to add some freshness to your routine. Each poster spotlights a particular piece of equipment, and it breaks down a variety of moves with helpful diagrams to help you perfect your form. Choose between kettle bells, dumbbells, cables, body weight, and more.

These Handy Straps That Make Storage Simple

From garden hoses to power cables, these heavy-duty straps are here to neatly store it all. Made from rugged materials, the straps come in three different sizes and are secured with hook-and-loop closures. And although they’re compact, they can support up to 50 pounds of weight each. You can slip the metal-reinforced loop over a hook for suspended storage from a wall, too.

An Adorable Mini Donut Maker That Turns Out Treats Fast

Add some variety to your kitchen confections with this mini donut maker that delivers seven tiny treats, so you can cook smaller batches with less waste. The light will power on when it’s reached the ideal temperature, and then all you have to do is pour your batter into the nonstick molds. You’ll have tasty donuts just a few minutes later.

  • Available colors: 2
This Light-Up Mechanical Keyboard With Satisfying Clicks

Add some flair to your workstation or gaming setup with this mechanical keyboard. Not only does it light up with mesmerizing colors (you can adjust the brightness), but the round, typewriter-style keys offer medium resistance to create a satisfying click with every push of a button. It’s also set up with useful gaming keystroke shortcuts, and is compatible with both Macs and PCs.

  • Available colors: 6
A Soothing Lip Treatment Made With Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil

For dry, chapped lips, treat yourself to this nourishing lip treatment formulated with kukui nut oil and shea butter. Soft and soothing, it also includes vitamins A, C, and E, as well as antioxidant-rich agave and grape seed oils. It comes in multiple shades, so you can opt for a clear version or give your lips a kiss of color.

  • Available shades: 5
This Furniture Paint With A Fun Vintage Feel

One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your furniture is with this chalk-style paint that creates a well-worn, vintage-style finish. Whether you’re painting chairs, tables, or even kitchen cabinets, this low-odor paint will dry in about 30 minutes and only takes two coats for solid coverage — no primer needed. One five-star reviewer wrote, “Very easy to apply, love that this is an all-in-one paint. The color is gorgeous, as is the matte finish...”

  • Available colors: 51
This Clever Camping Straw That Filters Out Bacteria In Water

Whether you’re hiking or camping, you’ll be better protected with this water filter straw in your backpack. It can filter out a seriously impressive 99.99% of bacteria, including salmonella and E. coli, as well as a majority of parasites too. You can stick it directly into lakes and streams and simply sip the water through the straw — it’ll filter up to 1,000 gallons before it needs to be replaced.

  • Available colors: 2
These Beautiful Crystals To Enhance Your Meditation Practice

If you believe in the restorative powers of crystals, this chakra crystal and healing stone set is the perfect addition to your collection. It comes with stones to represent the seven chakras of the body, plus a guidebook to help you learn more about how their energies function. They come in a convenient storage bag, but they’re so eye-catching, you’ll want to to display them as decor.

The Blue Light Glasses That Protect Your Eyes From Digital Screens

If you’ve been wanting to reduce the effects of all your screen time throughout the day, these blue light-blocking glasses are a great place to start. They have a trendy, oversized look and help to filter out both UV light and blue light to reduce strain on your eyes. Plus, by filtering blue light, you may have an easier time falling asleep when it’s time for bed. Your tired eyes say thanks in advance.

  • Available colors: 2
A Cloth That Removes Makeup With Just Water

Instead of constantly re-upping on single-use wipes, make a one-time investment in this makeup-erasing cloth that only requires a bit of water. One side of the cloth whisks away cosmetics (even waterproof mascara) while the other offers a gentle exfoliation to skin. It’s gentle on sensitive skin and reusable up to five years — just refresh it in the washing machine from time to time.

This Cute Little Tray That Protects Your Countertops

For a sleek look that shields your surfaces from scuffs and water damage, look no further than this silicone sink organizer. It has a ridged surface ideal for draining sponges and dish soap around the kitchen sink, but it’s even heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can use it to rest hot tools in the bathroom as well. It’s a cinch to clean, since you can just run it through the dishwasher when it’s time for a refresh.

  • Available colors: 6
This Stunning Plant Stand That Brings All The Drama

If you’ve got a green thumb and want to show it off, this three-tier indoor plant stand is the way to do it. Made from eucalyptus wood with sturdy plastic joints, this stand is over 2.5 feet tall for a dramatic look that’s bursting with greenery. It’s easy to assemble and supports a whopping 150 pounds of weight, too.

A Mini Cocktail Kit That Lets You Experiment With Mixology

Want to experiment with making home cocktails without having to invest in expensive, complicated ingredients? Give these mini cocktail kits a try. Each one makes three to six drinks (depending on the cocktail) and comes with everything you need, minus the booze. Choose from multiple options, like mai tais, old fashioneds, and Sazeracs.

  • Available options: 10
The Stand-Up Ladle That Looks Like The Loch Ness Monster

There are standard, boring ladles, and then there’s this ladle designed to emulate the Loch Ness monster. This fan-favorite kitchen tool features four tiny feet that hold it upright in your pot of soup, so it won’t make a mess on your countertop (plus, it’ll look like the monster is swimming, which is a bonus). It’s BPA-free and dishwasher safe.