65 Crazy Cheap Things On Amazon That Are Effing Amazing

Budget-friendly enough for a full shopping spree.

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Saving money is always a good idea — the only problem is that it’s sometimes not so fun. But if you’re looking for an affordable way to scratch that shopper’s itch, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together a list of crazy cheap things on Amazon that are fun to buy and so worth the money. I’d dare describe them as effing amazing. If you want to see just how cheap and amazing these items can be, you’ll have to keep scrolling.

A Vacuum Attachment That Reaches Deep Into Clogged Dryers

This vacuum attachment is a must in your cleaning supply collection because it helps you quickly clean deep into the dryer, sucking up all those stray bits of lint and fuzz that have escaped past the removable lint trap. Plus, the versatile design means you can pop it onto most vacuums and use it to clean up dust in other places around the house.

These Fridge Liners That Make It Easy To Wipe Up Spills

Wiping up spills inside your fridge can be a real pain — unless you’ve put these spill-proof liners down. Their waterproof and oilproof surface makes them easy to clean, and you can even trim them to fit smaller shelves and produce drawers as needed. Choose from two colors: multi or transparent.

A Rechargeable Lighter That Can Hold Up To Wind & Splashes

Stop wasting money on disposable lighters and upgrade to this electronic one that’s easy to recharge and can easily bend to reach candle wicks. Since it produces a wind- and splash-proof electrical arc instead of flame, you can even use it on rainy or windy days without having to deal with it going out.

An Over-The-Sink Dish Rack For Mess-Free Drying

Not only does this over-the-sink dish rack take up zero counter space, but any stray drips fall right back into your sink — so there’s no need to clean out a grimy drip tray. With a weight limit of up to 33 pounds, you can load it up with all sorts of heavy cookware. You can also roll it up into a cabinet after dishes.

The Moisturizing Oil That Gives Lips A Subtle Pop Of Color

Moisturizing apple seed oil and antioxidant-rich mint extract make this lip oil feel so luxe and nourishing. It helps soften your pout while also giving it a subtle pop of color, and you get nine shades to choose from to work with your other makeup products. Plus, this budget-friendly find won’t leave behind a wet or sticky feeling.

A Pour-Over Coffee Maker & Reusable Filter Combo To Save Money

This pour-over coffee maker has a reusable laser-cut stainless steel filter, so there’s no need to purchase any replacements or annoying paper filters. Plus, the heat-resistant glass is designed to withstand sudden temperature changes, so there’s no need to worry about it cracking when filled with hot water.

A Hydrating Toner That’s Gentle On Skin

This refreshing facial toner comes with a gentle formula that won’t strip away your skin’s natural oils. Instead, it relies on hyaluronic acid to deliver a much-needed dose of moisture to dry complexions. It’s suitable for all types of skin, and it even helps remove any leftover grime from the day that your cleanser might have missed.

A Detangling Brush That Works With All Hair Types

Don’t yank away at knots in your hair — instead, allow this detangling brush’s cone-tipped bristles to separate each individual strand. Their design allows tangles to work themselves out within just a few strokes. And unlike some detangling brushes, this one works with all hair types, even if it’s curly, straight, wet, or dry.

These Reusable Labels To Keep Track Of What’s Plugged In Where

These customizable and reusable labels are perfect if you have trouble keeping track of which cable is plugged into where. Each order comes with different shades so you can color code your wires to stay organized — and the wide tabs make them easy to write on. Plus, they won’t leave behind any sticky residues if you decide to remove them.

A Microwaveable Bacon Grill That Won’t Splatter Everywhere

This microwaveable grill is such an easy way to prevent messes because the cover helps prevent splatter from dirtying up the inside of your microwave. Meanwhile, raised slats on the bottom lift your bacon strips away from grease so that they come out perfectly crispy. And if you’re out of bacon, it also works great when making pizza rolls, sausage links, and more.

A Microwaveable Popcorn Popper You Can Easily Fold Up In A Cabinet

This microwaveable popcorn maker might collapse down to a fraction of its size for storage, but it can also hold an impressive 15 cups of popcorn at a time. Plus, the stay-cool handles on either side give you somewhere safe to grip when taking it out of the microwave.

A Collapsible Car Organizer To Prevent Things From Sliding Around

Grab this collapsible car organizer with an extra-secure design if you’re tired of hearing things rolling around in the trunk. Multiple pockets create a bunch of space for everything from workout equipment to groceries, while adjustable straps on the bottom help keep it from shifting around. Plus, each one comes with a flap-style pocket to keep small items ultra-secure.

A Magnified & Illuminated Pocket Mirror To See *Every* Makeup Detail

Doing your makeup in poor lighting can lead to crummy results, so grab this pocket mirror with a series of LED bulbs around the bottom panel to get a perfect foundation match no matter what kind of lighting you’re working with. Plus, the unlit panel even features three times magnification, just in case you need a closer look at your winged eyeliner tips.

The Impressive Glass Tumbler Cups With Practical Wooden Lids

These tumbler cups for hot or cold drinks are made from sleek glass with sturdy acacia wood lids, making them look like they cost way more than their budget-friendly price. Each order comes with stainless steel straws included — and unlike some straws, these ones are wide enough for boba tea bubbles to pass through.

A Heat-Resistant Pouch That’s Perfect For Storing Hot Tools

Not only is this silicone pouch great for storing your flat and curling irons while they’re still hot, but its textured, nonslip exterior also makes it a smart place to rest hot tools when styling your hair. It’s heat-resistant up to 460 degrees, so there’s no need to worry about it melting — and you even have seven different colors to choose from.

An Exfoliating Brush That Can Help Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs

This exfoliating body brush is a super quick way to tackle painful razor bumps and frustrating ingrown hairs. With a soft silicone design, it’s an easy way to help get your skin feeling seriously refreshed. The flexible bristles feel super gentle, and the easy-to-hold handle is extra helpful if you decide to use it in the shower.

These Comfy Flashlight Gloves For Walks & Home Projects

Pop on these LED gloves, and you’ll always have some helpful light illuminating the sidewalk on nighttime walks or pointed directly at whatever home project you’re working on. One size fits most hands, as they’re made from soft, stretchy fabric — and batteries even come included with every order.

A Soothing Ice Roller That’s Easy To Keep Clean

Not only does this ice face roller feel so good on your forehead during migraines, but it can also help soothe away morning puffiness with just a few gentle swipes of the soft gel design. It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes in the freezer until it’s ready to go, and you can take off the roller for easy cleaning.

These Adhesive Cable Clips That Help Keep Wires Organized

Every home has at least one spot that’s devolved into a mess of wires, so grab this pack of cable clips that can tidy up to eight chargers and cords. You can stick them onto desks, counters, entertainment centers, and more with their clever adhesive backing. Plus, the slots are large enough to handle everything from charging cables to earbud wires.

This Sturdy Cupholder That Lets You Sip Wine In The Tub

Give your bathroom a spa-like touch with this cupholder that secures your glass of wine (or preferred drink) on the side of the tub. It has a seriously sturdy suction cup that lets you stick it to tile and glass walls, making it easy to keep your drinks conveniently within reach while you’re soaking in the tub.

These Waterproof Silicone Oven Mitts That Are Impressively Protective

Throw out those crummy cotton oven mitts in favor of these silicone ones that are waterproof and ultra-protective. They’re also as heat-resistant up to 450 degrees, so there’s no need to worry about them melting, and at 13 inches long, they even give your forearms some extra protection when reaching into hot ovens.

A Luxurious Floral Oil That Moisturizes Everything Down To Your Cuticles

This hydrating and luxuriously floral oil for your skin and hair can help give your body a much-needed dose of moisture everywhere — even down to your cuticles. The honeysuckle formula has vitamin E-packed sweet almond oil for soft skin, and it’s even topped off with apricot oil that’s so soothing.

These Silicone Lids That Let You Save Open Cans For Later

You don’t have to finish that entire can of soda — instead, save it for later with help from these easy-to-pop-on silicone lids. They’re designed to fit onto nearly any can, helping you keep your drinks fizzy for later. They can also be washed and reused, so you’ll always have one of these soda-saving lids handy.

An Eyelash Curler With Removable Pads To Keep It Clean

This lash curler comes with removable silicone pads, so you can simply pull them off whenever they get dirty. It also has a curved design to comfortably fit your eyelids while the calibrated hinge delivers even pressure across the entire pad. Plus, each order includes two replacement pads to get you started.

The LED Ring Light That’s A Breeze To Attach To Phones & Computers

This ring light is a must-have because it clamps onto phones and laptops, showering you in glowing light so you can rest assured you’re flawlessly lit for video calls. Its 3-foot power cable even makes it easy to use with distant outlets. Or, if no outlet is nearby, the rechargeable battery lasts up to two hours on the brightest setting.

These Plush Heatless Curlers That Are Gentle On Hair

Grab this heatless curling kit that has a plush and oh-so-comfy satin design. It comes with a clip and scrunchies to help secure everything in place. Plus, they’re more than soft enough to comfortably wear them to bed, and the silky exterior can even help prevent split ends as well as tame frizz while you sleep.

This Hydrating Cream That’s Chock-Full Of Snail Mucin

This serum is absolutely loaded with 97.5% snail mucin, making this moisturizing cream feel so luxe. You’ll also find organic shea butter, aloe vera, and jojoba oil listed under its ingredients, all of which work together to deeply moisturize your complexion. Plus, this expensive-feeling snail mucin moisturizer won’t clog up your skin.

An Extendable Magnetic Pickup Tool That’s Surprisingly Handy

Screws, nails, bobby pins — this magnetic pickup tool is perfect for reaching all sorts of small metal items that have fallen out of reach. The bendable, telescopic handle extends out to 22 inches, while its built-in flashlight helps you see into dark spaces. Batteries also come pre-installed so that you can use it right out of the box.

An Absorbent Mat That Helps Hide Coffee Stains

No coffee bar is complete without this mat because its quick-drying design will soak up any spills (without any leaking onto your counter). It hides messy coffee stains and drips, helping keep it looking clean, and the grippy rubber backing helps keep it from shifting out of place underneath your coffee machine.

The Nonslip Coasters That Fit Into Your Car’s Cupholders

The cupholders inside your car can be difficult to keep clean unless you pop these ultra-durable coasters inside of them. They’re waterproof as well as dustproof, making them easy to clean when dirty — simply pull them out and give them a quick rinse whenever you need. Plus, their textured tops help keep your drinks firmly in place.

This Microwave Cooker That Delivers Deliciously Fluffy Rice

You don’t have to dirty up your stove if you’re in the mood for rice — instead, save yourself some mess and use this microwaveable bowl. It lets you measure, wash, and cook rice all in one container, while the locking lid works to keep your microwave clean in the event it starts to boil over. Plus, each order includes a rice paddle for fluffing.

These Washable Mesh Bags That Make It Easy To Check Out With Produce

These drawstring produce bags are made from durable mesh, and they can also be washed and reused, so they’re way more practical than wasteful plastic bags. Each one is labeled with its tare weight for easy measuring at the grocery store — and since they’re nearly transparent, you shouldn’t have any trouble scanning price tags through them.

A Quirky Egg Separator That Helps Keep Your Hands Clean

Instead of getting your hands messy when a recipe calls for solely yolks or whites, consider using this adorable egg separator. Simply crack your egg inside, then tip it forward into a cup or bowl — the whites will pour out its beak while the yolk remains on the inside. Once finished, feel free to place it in your dishwasher for a quick clean.

These Skin-Care Headbands That Comfortably Keep Hair Off Your Face

Not only are these wraparound headbands great for keeping hair out of your face when diving into your skin-care routine, but the absorbent terry cloth also helps keep your hair dry should it accidentally get splashed with water. These skin-care-essential headbands also keep their shape throughout a ton of washes.

This Durable Masher That Helps You Break Up Ground Meat, Avocado, & More

Turkey, beef, chicken, avocadoes, potatoes — this cleverly shaped masher is great for breaking up all sorts of food. It’s made from tough nylon, with a four-blade head that can help you save so much time compared to using a spatula or spoon. And since there are no sharp edges, you won’t have to worry about it scratching your nonstick cookware.

A Huge Pack Of Makeup Brushes With A Clever, Countertop Holder

This huge pack of expensive-looking makeup brushes has synthetic bristles that are packed tightly together, which helps them hold onto powder (so it won’t shake off onto your skin and clothes). They also feel oh-so-soft, and you even get a travel container that doubles as a little holder for your countertop.

The Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls That Deliver Drip-Free Pours

These stainless steel mixing bowls come with wide, rolled rims that will deliver drip-free pours, no matter what you’re mixing up. Meanwhile, the flat bases help keep them stable when stirring up ingredients. Plus, they nest inside of each other to help you save space when they’re in storage.

A Waffle (Or Taco) Bowl Maker That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

This extra-compact gadget is such an easy way to create waffle bowls for dessert or breakfast, and you can even use it to transform tortillas into crisp bowls for taco salads. At less than 5 pounds in weight, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding somewhere to stash this clever waffle bowl maker — even in cramped kitchens.

A Quick lyHydrating Serum That Helps Refresh Dry Cuticles

Dry, flaking cuticles can be painful, but this serum comes with seaweed and shea butter that work to soften skin. Meanwhile, the precision-tip applicator makes it easy to dab this moisturizing serum onto your fingers without creating a mess. It also has soothing aloe vera, and it won’t leave behind an annoying oily finish. “So moisturizing for the winter,” wrote one reviewer. “It really helps with healing and preventing hangnails and dry nails.”

An Impressively Absorbent Bath Mat That Won’t Snag On Doors

This bath mat has an ultra-thin design that allows doors to pass overtop of it, but don’t be fooled — it’s still incredibly absorbent. It has a seriously clever layer that sucks up water drips so that you won’t leave behind wet footprints on your tile floors. And with its genius material, this bath mat won’t shed or wear down like fluffy mats.

The Neoprene Sleeve That Helps Keep Your Iced Coffee Chilled

Add this neoprene sleeve to your plastic cup of iced coffee or favorite tumbler, and it’ll help insulate it so that your coffee stays colder for longer. The durable stitching allows you to stretch it to fit larger cups as needed without any tearing — and with more than 100 patterns to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that strikes your fancy.

This Leakproof Bottle That Lets You Add Fruity Flavors To Plain Water

Pop fruits and herbs into the center of this clever infusion bottle, and that’s all you have to do to elevate your water with delicious fruit flavors. The leakproof top also makes it unlikely to spill inside your bag — and each order includes an insulation sleeve to help keep your water refreshingly chilled.

The Stainless Steel Foot Rasp That Powers Through Flaking Skin

When no amount of scrubbing seems to help soften your flaking feet, it may be time to bust out this rasp. It’s made from stainless steel, with an extra-large surface area that helps you get your feet feeling oh-so-smooth, and it’s just as effective on wet skin as it is on dry.

A Detangling Flat Iron Comb With *Thousands* Of Positive Reviews

This flat iron comb is incredibly budget-friendly, and the spring-loaded grip makes it easy to hold your hair in place so that your flat iron can smoothly pass through. The wide-toothed tines can even help detangle hair ahead of your flat iron without yanking away at it. Thousands of reviewers awarded it five stars. “Super easy and cuts way down on time to flatten my hair,” raved one happy customer. “Reduces frizz and my hair looks much healthier since I’m not running the hot plates as much.”

A Brightening Scrub That’s Fortified With Hydrating Coconut Oil

Whereas some body scrubs can leave your skin feeling dry, this one is fortified with collagen and coconut oil, both of which work together to help keep skin feeling hydrated and smooth. The added turmeric can also help brighten skin so that you’re left glowing — all while simultaneously delivering a nourishing dose of antioxidants.

A Face Mask Mixing & Applying Set That’s Easy To Clean

Don’t ruin your makeup brushes whipping up or applying face masks — instead, grab this mixing bowl set with easy applicator tools. It comes with two silicone brushes, one spatula, as well as a bowl and bristle brush, all of which easily rinse clean once you’ve finished mixing and applying your mask. “I love that the bowl can collapse for storage and expand when using it,” wrote one reviewer. “Everything is easy to wash.”

A Clever Cooler Backpack To Pack Up To 24 Cans (With Ice)

Don’t head out to the beach or park before you’ve grabbed this cooler backpack with easy-to-carry straps. Its insulated walls help keep your drinks deliciously chilled — and with space for up to 24 cans and ice inside, you can easily pack beverages for more than a few people. Choose from two colors: orange or blue.

These Clip-On Bowls That Separate Dip From The Rest Of Your Plate

These clever bowls clip onto your plate so that you can keep your hummus, ranch, guacamole, or any other dip from interacting with everything else. Each one has a secure clip to keep it on your plate even through enthusiastic dipping. Once you’re finished eating, simply toss them into the dishwasher for a quick clean.

A Clever Meat Thermometer You Can *Actually* See For Outdoor Grilling

Save yourself the embarrassment of serving undercooked proteins with help from this meat thermometer with a backlit screen that makes it a breeze to see, even when grilling outside at night. It only takes about two seconds to give you an accurate reading, and the water-resistant design makes it suitable for rinsing off under running water. Plus, it’s topped off with a bottle opener.

These Silicone Dishes That Can Help Soap Bars Last Longer

Instead of letting your soap bars melt in a puddle of their own water, place them on this budget-friendly pack of quick-drying dishes. The slats along the bottom elevate your bars away from pooling water, which can help them last longer. Plus, a channel in the front allows that water to drain away right back into your sink.

A Texturizing Hair Spray That Helps Thicken Without Stickiness

Not only can this texturizing spray help your hair appear thicker, but it also contains chia seed oil that works to volumize your strands without leaving behind any sticky residues. It works on all types of hair, and it leaves behind a soft finish (even though it’s ultra-texturizing). “My hair is so thin, this product made it look like I had more hair, it also has a nice shine,” wrote one reviewer. “Very much worth the money.”

An Electric Whisk That Whips Up Coffee Froth & Protein Shakes

This electric whisk runs at a near-silent level, which means you can froth up the perfect latte milk in the morning without bothering others. It has a clever little stand to display it next to your coffee setup. And if you aren’t a big coffee drinker, you can also use it to mix protein shakes and smoothies or even beat egg whites.

A Nonstick Burger Press For Quick & Impressive Stuffed Patties

This quick-to-use burger press makes it a total breeze to create a ton of different stuffed burger recipes (think: cheese, spicy peppers, and more). Its nonstick surface won’t latch onto your patties, making them easy to remove once you’ve pressed them to perfection — and many reviewers appreciated how cleaning this dishwasher-safe press is a total breeze.

This Stainless Steel Knife Set That Comes With An Acrylic Block

Not only are these knives made from high-carbon stainless steel, but each order also comes with a sleek acrylic knife block, as well as a handy little bonus sharpener. This pack also comes with a nonstick coating, so you won’t have to scrub these knives a ton after dinner prep.

A Super Compact Coffee Grinder That’s Wildly Versatile In The Kitchen

While this ultra-compact gadget is great for grinding up tough coffee beans, you can also use it to pulverize spices, herbs, nuts, seeds, and more — all at the press of a button. Plus, the stainless steel blades are just as sharp as they are resistant to rust.

A Pack Of Cleverly-Shaped Beauty Blenders With A Handy Brush

This pack of beauty blenders comes with three different easy-to-use shapes and a cleverly curved kabuki brush with a handheld design. Their curved edges are great for blending foundation around your cheeks, forehead, and chin, while the flat edges help you get into the delicate areas around your eyes. Once finished, simply rinse under running water for a quick clean.

The Snacking Chopsticks That Are So, So Easy To Use

You don’t have to be good with regular chopsticks to use this pair that sits on top of your fingers because the hinge at the base lets you pinch them shut with a simple squeeze. They’re perfect if you want to munch on snacks without getting your fingers (or your laptop) dirty. Plus, the flexible slots are even designed to fit all finger sizes.

A Hair Primer That Hydrates & Helps Protect Against Heat

Don’t grab a heat tool before you’ve applied this hydrating and polishing primer. The plant-based formula contains eight herbal extracts that work to moisturize hair while simultaneously helping protect it from heat damage — and since it’s lightweight, there’s no need to worry about it pulling down your strands. “My hair is fine and thin and it doesn’t feel weighed down or like there is a lot of product,” wrote one reviewer. “Light scent smells fresh and clean.”

A Surprisingly Powerful Fan That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

Nightstands, shelves, desks — this personal fan is small enough to fit in all sorts of tight spaces. But don’t be fooled, because despite its compact size, it still delivers vortex-style air circulation to help keep you comfortably cool. Plus, the tilting head and swiveling base make it easy to point in nearly any direction.

These Purse Wipes That Are Gentle On Fabric Yet Tough On Stains

These are the wipes to reach for when your bag could use a refresh because they’re tough on dirt, stains, or nearly any type of grime, yet gentle enough that you won’t have to worry about them ruining your bag. And since each wipe is pre-moistened, there’s no need for any water — just tear open the package and start scrubbing.

This Handheld Pizza Slicer That’s Less Likely To Nick Skin

It’s almost too easy to nick yourself on a pizza cutter with an exposed blade — conveniently, this one features a cover over the top half to help keep your hands safe. The cover also features an ergonomic design, allowing it to fit comfortably in either hand. All the pieces also dissemble for easy cleaning, whether you scrub it by hand or toss it into the dishwasher.

The Extra-Heat-Resistant Silicone Spatulas You’ll Use For Everything

You won’t have to worry about these spatulas melting when they come into contact with hot pans, as each one is made from tough silicone that’s heat-resistant up to 600 degrees. The five different shapes of flexible heads are also great for scraping bowls clean, and they’re more than soft enough to use on nonstick cookware.

These *Super* Versatile Glass Food Jars With Airtight Lids

Pickling cucumbers, fermenting kombucha, storing flour — this half-gallon-sized jar is great for all of it and more. The airtight lid helps keep everything inside fresh, while the wide mouth lets you fill it up with snacks or pickling brine without creating any mess. This pack is also dishwasher-safe, so each one is easy to wash out between pickling recipes.

This Budget-Friendly Bluetooth Tracker That Helps You Find Your Things

Loop this Bluetooth tracker onto your keychain or drop it in your bag and you’ll be able to see your stuff’s location in real-time simply by opening the app. You can also have the tracker let out a loud ring so that it’s easy to locate — or if you lose your phone, simply press the tile in order to have your phone start ringing.

The Grip Socks That Won’t Leave Your Feet Sweating

Made from a seriously breathable cotton blend, these grip socks are an ultra-soft must-have for your next workout class or lounging-around day. PVC dots on the bottom help you keep a firm grip on smooth floors, while padded heel tabs give your ankle some comfortable cushioning. Plus, many reviewers appreciated how thick the cotton fabric is.

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