65 Cheap Things Skyrocketing In Popularity On Amazon That Are Pure Genius

Pure genius, I’m telling you.

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I can be a little wary when it comes to jumping on a trending popular product, because — let’s face it — popular does not always equal good. But sometimes a product skyrockets in popularity for all the right reasons. It goes flying off the shelves because it’s genuinely awesome and in demand.

How does one tell the quality of popular items from fads? Well, you can check out this list, for one. It’s packed with affordable finds that are skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon and also happen to be totally genius.

These Cable Clips That Help Minimize Clutter

Almost every home has at least one corner that’s devolved into a mess of cables and wires, so why not get them organized with these clips? They’re designed to fit a variety of cables, ranging from slim lightning chargers to thicker USBs — and the adhesive backing makes installation a breeze.

A Rechargeable Book Light That Comes In 6 Colors

Not only is this book light easily rechargeable via USB, but it also comes in six colors to suit any style: black, blue, green, pink, white, and yellow. Its brightness is adjustable up to two levels — and unlike some lights, this one also features a swiveling LED that can be pointed in nearly any direction.

The Polyester-Satin Pillowcases That Can Help Prevent Frizz

If you’re frequently waking up with unwanted frizziness, consider swapping out your cotton pillowcases with these polyester-satin ones. They create less friction against your strands, and they even come in dozens of colors so that they’re easy to match to your current sheets.

A Stylish Bedside Water Carafe Made From Lead-Free Glass

Consider this carafe a stylish upgrade from that plastic bottle of water currently sitting on your nightstand. It’s made from sleek, lead-free glass that comes in seven colors, ranging from deep blue to cozy amber. And if you aren’t a fan of plain water? You can also use it for tea, juice, lemonade, and more.

This Rechargeable Lighter That Works In The Wind

Whereas flame lighters will eventually run out of fuel, this electronic version relies on a powerful battery that can be recharged more than 500 times, making it a more cost-effective option. It’s also windproof as well as splashproof, and the double safety switch helps keep it from accidentally igniting while in your bag.

A Wearable Nail Polish Holder That Helps Prevent Mess

Few things ruin an at-home manicure like spilling your polish bottle — but that’s where this holder comes in handy. Simply insert your polish bottle into the top, then slip it onto your fingers like you would a large ring. The wearable design ensures that your bottle won’t spill unless you flip your hand upside-down. Plus, it even comes in more than 20 fun colors.

The Reusable Water Bottle That Keeps Drinks Cold For Up To 12 Hours

You don’t have to waste money on disposable water bottles: Instead, grab this reusable one and save yourself some cash. Its insulated walls can keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours, while hot drinks stay warm for up to eight. And since the cap is also leak-resistant, there’s no need to worry about it spilling inside your bag.

The Ultra-Soft & Padded Sleep Mask That’s Adjustable

Whereas some sleep masks can put uncomfortable pressure on your eyes, this one is designed with an adjustable strap that lets you choose how tightly it fits on your face. A light layer of contoured foam padding on the inside gives your eyes room to breathe, all while the high nose curve works to block out up to 100% of light.

A Reusable Notebook That Lets You Upload Notes To iCloud

Tired of wasting money on new notebooks? Consider upgrading to this reusable one. Once you’ve filled the pages with handwritten notes, you can use the Rocketbook smartphone app to upload them to iCloud, Slack, Google Drive, and more. The pages can then be wiped clean with the included microfiber cloth, allowing you to reuse it hundreds of times.

This Travel Pillow Filled With Soft Memory Foam

Not all travel pillows are the same: This one is filled with soft memory foam, allowing it to contour to the shape of your neck for added comfort. The best part? Breathable fabric on the inside also helps dissipate your body heat in order to keep you from growing sweaty, while 360-degree support works to prevent your head from flopping around as you snooze.

A Bento Lunch Box That’s Completely BPA-Free

Consider this bento box a definite upgrade from that flimsy paper bag you’ve been using to pack lunch. Two stackable containers give you tons of room for food, while the BPA-free plastic is both food-grade as well as safe to send through the microwave and dishwasher. Plus, the top container nests inside the bottom one for easy storage.

These Push Pin Magnets With *Thousands* Of Positive Reviews

Don’t be fooled by how colorful these push-pin magnets are. Despite being pretty to look at, each one is made with a powerful magnet that can easily hold up to 11 sheets of paper. You also get four colors with every order, making it easy to color-code your fridge and dry-erase boards however you like — and many reviewers even raved about how they’re “super strong.”

A Detangling Brush That’s Suitable For Wet & Dry Hair

Yanking away at knotted strands can be incredibly painful — instead, allow this brush to gently detangle that mess of hair. Its cone-shaped bristles easily separate strands rather than pull at them, allowing knots to work themselves out with just a few soft swipes. Unlike some brushes, this one is suitable for use on both wet and dry hair.

This Exfoliating Hair Remover That’s Completely Painless

Whereas epilators and peels can leave skin feeling raw, this hair remover is designed to be completely pain-free. Simply rub it against your skin, and its nano-crystalline technology will gently exfoliate away dry flakes as well as unwanted hair — all without any irritation. The best part? You can even wash and reuse it for up to three years.

A Self-Tanning Mitt That Helps Your Hands Stay Clean

Not only is using this mitt to apply self-tanner an easy way to keep your hands clean, but it also helps spread the tanner so that your tan comes out smooth and streak-free. It’s designed to fit on both hands, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re left- or right-handed — and you can simply toss it into the wash for a quick clean once dirty.

The Heatless Hair Curlers That You Can Sleep Comfortably In

Using hot tools to curl your hair can result in breakage, so why not give these heatless curlers a try? The soft rods can be used to create waves or curls depending on your personal style — and they’re even suitable for use on all types of hair. Plus, many reviewers raved about how they’re “comfortable to sleep in.”

These Waterproof Lip Tints Shaped Like Mini Wine Bottles

There’s no need to worry about these lip tints fading throughout the day, as their waterproof formula leaves your pout looking bright and bold. They can also help hydrate dry skin, and each order includes six shades that range from deep purple to light pink.

A Nonslip Shower Mat That’s Machine-Washable

With hundreds of strong suction cups on the back, the likelihood of this shower mat shifting out of place while you bathe is low. It also features drainage holes throughout in order to help it dry quickly and prevent mildew. But if it ever gets dirty, don’t worry — its machine-washable design means you can simply toss it into the wash for an easy clean.

This Microfiber Hair Towel That Won’t Weigh Your Head Down

Walking around your home with a heavy towel folded around your head can leave your neck feeling sore — instead, opt for this lightweight wrap. Not only is it much smaller than traditional bath towels, but the microfiber fabric is also super-absorbent, which can help your hair dry faster in less time. Choose from eight colors.

An LED Makeup Mirror That Folds Inwards To Save Space

Doing your makeup in poor lighting is though, so why not give this mirror a try? LED lights around the center panel help you get those winged eyeliner tips looking even, while three extra panels deliver 2x, 3x, and 10x magnification — just in case you need a closer look. Plus, the trifold design helps save space on crowded vanities.

The Memory Foam Bath Mat That Comes In More Than 20 Colors

With more than 20 colors and eight sizes to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding this bath mat in a shade that suits your style. The soft memory foam filling contours to the shape of your feet, helping dry them off so that your floors stay clean — all while a nonslip backing helps keep it from shifting out of place. One Amazon reviewer even described it as a “[...] thick, high quality bath mat that is holding up well after several weeks of use in our high traffic bathroom.”

An Extra-Thick Bath Pillow That Supports Your Head & Shoulders

Unlike some bath pillows that are only made for your head, this one features two cushioned panels so that your head, neck, shoulders, and upper back are comfortably supported. It’s designed to fit nearly any tub, as four suction cups on the back keep it held firmly in place — and there’s even a built-in hook you can use to hang it up to dry.

This Dermaplaning Tool That Helps Exfoliate Away Dry Flakes

Whether you’d like to touch up your brows or exfoliate away flakes from your face, this dermaplaning tool is a smart pick at less than $8 for three of them. High-quality blades gently trim away unwanted hair, while built-in micro-guards work to help protect your skin from accidental nicks. Plus, its small size makes it easy to take with you when traveling.

A Travel-Friendly Toiletry Bag That Helps Protect Items From Moisture

Don’t let your skincare and makeup supplies roam freely in your suitcase — instead, store them inside this toiletry bag. The waterproof exterior helps protect your items from moisture, while a built-in hook lets you hang it up so that you can easily see where all your items are stored. Choose from more than 10 colors.

The Hair-Straightening Comb That’s “Easy To Use”

Maneuvering a clunky brush when straightening your hair can be a challenge — but that’s where this comb comes in handy. Its spring-loaded design helps you style your hair without singeing your hands, while the wide-spaced teeth allow it to glide smoothly through strands. Many reviewers also wrote about how it’s “easy to use” and makes styling their hair “much easier.”

These Water Shoes Made With Thick, Comfortable Insoles

Not only do these water shoes dry quickly when wet, but they also feature thick insoles to help keep you comfortable as well as protect your feet from rocks, shells, and more. The best part? The lightweight design means you can even fold them up and stuff them in your bag, making it easy to take them with you when traveling.

  • Available sizes: 3-4 Women/ 2-3 Men — 13-14 Women/ 12-13 Men
An Adjustable Organizer That Can Fit Nearly Any Lid

There’s a good chance you have at least one kitchen cabinet that’s filled with loose plasticware lids — but that’s only part of the reason why I’m a fan of this organizer. The dividers in the center can be adjusted to fit lids of nearly any size, while its low profile makes it easy to fit into drawers, cabinets, and more. And unlike some organizers, this one is even BPA-free.

This Mortar & Pestle Set Made From 100% Solid Granite

Whether you’re crushing up coffee beans or even just whipping up a fresh batch of guacamole, this mortar and pestle set is a game-changer. It’s made from 100% solid granite, ensuring that it’ll hold up against the pressure of grinding down ingredients. Plus, the reversible design lets you separate flavors so that you don’t have to wash it immediately between uses.

A Glass Honey Dispenser That Helps Eliminate Drips

Spooning honey from jar to plate is an easy way to wind up with drips on your table — instead, use this dispenser. It opens from the bottom so that you’re less likely to have any spillage on your surfaces, while the glass frame makes it an elegant addition to any counter or table. Each order also includes a stand for storage.

The Refillable Oil Sprayer Made With Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

It’s almost too easy to overdress your pans when adding oil, so why not use this sprayer to help minimize waste? The top is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, while its transparent glass base lets you see exactly how much oil is left inside. Or, if you don’t need a sprayer for your oil, you can also use it to apply vinegar, soy sauce, and more.

A Clip-On Strainer That Helps Save Space In Tight Kitchens

Traditional strainers can take up a ton of cabinet space, which is only part of the reason why I’m a fan of this clip-on version. Not only is it significantly smaller, but its spring-loaded clips also stretch to fit nearly any pot, pan, or bowl — even if there’s a lip running around the edge. Plus, the built-in pour spout helps maximize water drainage.

This Stainless Steel Splatter Screen That Helps Minimize Mess

While fried foods can be delicious, cooking them can also be very messy — but that’s where this splatter screen comes in handy. The mesh face allows steam to escape so that your foods still come out crispy, yet helps contain any hot oil pops inside the pan so that your counters stay clean. And since it’s made from stainless steel, it’s also resistant to rust.

These Swedish Dishcloths Are Suitable For Cleaning Nearly Any Surface

Marble, wood, nonstick pans — these Swedish dishcloths are so versatile that you can use them to clean nearly any surface. They’re gritty when dry yet soft when wet, making them suitable for heavy-duty jobs as well as wiping up quick spills. The best part? Unlike some rags, these ones won’t leave behind streaks on glass.

The Colorful Mixing Bowls With Built-In Handles & Pour Spouts

Easy to clean, space-saving, and colorful — these mixing bowls hit all the right notes. Each one features a spout to help keep your surfaces free from drips when cooking, while a built-in handle gives you a firm place to grip when pouring. They also nest together for easy storage and can be safely washed on the top rack of your dishwasher.

These Glass Food Containers Are 100% Leakproof

Whether you use these food containers to pack lunch or store leftovers is up to you — but either way, their leakproof lids will help keep your fridge and lunchbox safe from spills. And since they’re made from tough borosilicate glass, you can rest assured that they won’t warp or crack when exposed to rapid temperature changes.

A Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer That Comes With 5 Interchangeable Blades

Whether you’d like to chop or julienne your ingredients, this mandoline slicer has you covered. Each order includes five interchangeable blades that let you cut ingredients into a variety of thicknesses — and since they’re made from stainless steel, they’re also unlikely to rust. Plus, the nonslip handle helps you keep a firm grip when slicing.

The Electric Milk Frother That Runs At A Near-Silent Level

Tired of drinking the same cup of coffee every morning? Then this electric milk frother is worth a look. It can whip up milk into a delicious froth within just a few seconds, and the motor is even powerful enough that you can also use it to turn egg whites into stiff peaks when baking.

This Chef Knife Made From High-Carbon German Stainless Steel

Not only does this chef knife come with a blade sharpener, but it’s also made from a single piece of high-carbon German stainless steel in order to help minimize fatigue while maximizing cutting precision. But if that isn’t enough? Each order also includes an edge guard cover to help keep the blade in good working condition while in storage.

An Electric Can Opener That Doesn’t Create A Sharp Edge

Unlike that clunky can opener you’ve probably been using, this electronic one does all the twisting and opening for you with the simple press of the button on top. It also doesn’t leave behind a sharp edge, making it a safer option when opening cans — and you only need four AA batteries (which are not included) in order to get it up and running.

These Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons That Fit Inside Spice Jars

Whereas some measuring spoons are too wide to fit inside spice jars, these ones feature narrow heads that easily slip into tight openings. A strong magnet in the center of each one also keeps them held together when in storage — and the stainless steel metal is even resistant to rust.

A Bug Bite Tool That Can Help Soothe Itching

When no amount of itch cream seems to soothe that bug bite, it may be time to break out this tool. Simply position it over your bug bite and pull back on the handle — the suction will help remove whatever venom or saliva is underneath your skin, alleviating the itching without relying on any harsh chemicals.

The Winter Gloves That Work With Touchscreens

You won’t have to take these winter gloves off in order to use your phone, as the thumb, forefinger, and middle fingers are all designed to work with touchscreens. They’re made from an acrylic-polyester blend, making them just as soft as they are warm — and you even have 12 different colors to choose from.

These Telescopic Back Scratchers That Are Easy To Take With You

Can’t quite reach that itch? Not a problem when you have these back scratchers, as their telescopic handles stretch from 8 all the way out to 22 inches. Their soft rubber handles help you keep a firm grip when scratching — and since they’re made from stainless steel, they’re also unlikely to develop rust.

The V-Shaped Grippers That Hold Rugs Down Flat

Curled rugs are a recipe for trips and falls, so why not secure them down with these grippers? Their V-shaped design helps keep them from twisting out of place, which can happen when using straight pieces of tape — and the adhesion is so strong that you can even use them outdoors as well as inside.

A Marker Holder That Attaches To Dry Erase Boards

Looking for a stylish place to keep your dry-erase markers? Search no further than this holder, as its magnetic backing lets you attach it to your dry-erase board so that it’s always conveniently within reach. An adjustable divider in the center helps you keep your markers organized — and if you don’t have a dry-erase board, it also works great for holding pens, pencils, and more on your fridge.

This Collapsible Laundry Basket Takes Up Hardly Any Space

Whereas traditional laundry baskets tend to be large and bulky, this collapsible version can easily be slid underneath your bed to help save space. Soft-grip handles on either side give you somewhere comfortable to grab onto when carrying clothes from room to room. Plus, it even features ventilation holes along the sides to help wet clothes dry faster.

These Laundry Detergent Sheets That Help Reduce Waste

While it can be tempting to dump a ton of soap into your laundry, doing so can be incredibly wasteful — but that’s where these detergent sheets come in handy. One sheet is all it takes to get your clothes smelling clean and looking fresh, making it easier to reduce waste. And unlike some detergents, these sheets are vegan as well as hypoallergenic.

The Anti-Vibration Pads That Fit Nearly Any Washer Or Dryer

Letting your washer and dryer vibrate can lead to scratched floors, which is only one of the reasons why these pads are worth a look. Not only can they help prevent damage, but each one is also sized to fit nearly any machine. Installation is also a total breeze; simply place them on your machine’s feet, and they’re ready to work.

An Electronics Cleaning Brush That Reaches Deep Into Tight Crevices

Camera lenses, keyboards, cell phones — this brush makes it easy to clean deep into all sorts of electronics. It features two ends so that you have options when deciding how to tackle dirt and dust: one with a silicone wiper blade, as well as a second with soft bristles. And since the bristles are retractable, keeping them clean between uses should be no trouble at all.

This Charging Station That Helps Reduce Cable Clutter

So many homes have at least one corner that’s become a jumbled mess of wires, so why not de-clutter with help from this charging station? There’s enough space for up to six devices, and each order even includes seven shortened charging cables to keep it looking tidy: three lightning, three micro-USB, as well as one type-C.

An LED Strip Light That Turns On When You Enter Your Closet

If your closet doesn’t have an overhead light, consider using this strip light to brighten the area up. Its built-in motion sensor allows it to automatically turn on when you enter the space, as well as shut off once you leave — and it only needs four AAA batteries (which are not included) in order to work.

The Hanging Organizer That Adds 9 Shelves To Your Closet

Running out of shelf space in your closet? Hang this organizer on any standard closet rod, and you’ll instantly have nine extra shelves of space, as well as four mesh pockets on either side. Plus, the sturdy non-woven polyethylene material is tear-resistant.

A Microfiber Bed Skirt That Helps You Hide Clutter

Shoving stuff underneath your bed is a great way to open up space, so why not make sure it’s all hidden from sight with this bed skirt? It’s made from soft microfiber that’s wrinkle- as well as fade-resistant and the 14-inch drop is even long enough to cover extra-thick mattresses.

This Microfiber Duster That Cleans Multiple Blinds At The Same Time

You don’t need to waste time cleaning each individual window blind — instead, use this duster to clean two at the same time. Each order includes five microfiber duster sleeves that can be washed and reused multiple times. Plus, many reviewers raved about how it “works well” and is “easy to use.”

A Pet Hair Remover That’s Infinitely Reusable

Whereas lint rollers rely on wasteful sticky sheets, this pet hair remover utilizes hundreds of tiny bristles to latch onto hair, pulling it off your furniture, carpets, clothes, and more. Once the built-in dustbin is full, simply press the button on the handle to empty it out into the trash.

The Ergonomic Laptop Stand Made From Aluminum

Peering down at your laptop can leave your neck feeling strained; instead, raise it up by placing it on this stand. It’s made from sturdy aluminum that can easily support up to 8 pounds, and the platform is even topped with rubber to help prevent scratches to the underside of your laptop. Its aerated design also makes it less likely that your hard drive will overheat.

This LED Backlight That Helps Reduce Eye Strain

Staring at a bright screen while sitting in the dark can leave your eyes feeling sore, so why not add this LED backlight to your television? The adhesive backing lets you press it right into place — no tools necessary. And since it plugs into your set’s USB port, there’s no need to hide any dangling wires.

A Touchscreen Cleaner That Fits Inside Your Bag

Keep this touchscreen cleaner inside your bag, and it’ll always be ready to go whenever your phone is looking particularly dirty. It combines a spray bottle and a wipe into one, as the exterior is covered with soft microfiber, while the interior spray bottle is large enough to hold a cleaning solution for multiple uses. Once dirty, simply rinse it under running water for a quick refresh.

The Battery Organizer That Comes With A Charge Tester

With space for up to 93 batteries, this organizer is perfect for anyone who has a collection of loose batteries roaming throughout a drawer in their home. The hinged cover is clear, making it easy to see which batteries are stored where with just a quick glance. Plus, each order comes with a charge tester so that you can toss out any batteries that have lost their juice.

An Indoor Fly Trap That Doesn’t Rely On Harsh Chemicals

Flies, moths, gnats — this indoor fly trap is designed to nab all sorts of airborne critters. A powerful UV light draws them inside toward the glue card, trapping them so that they can’t escape. And unlike some traps, this one doesn’t rely on any harsh chemicals or insecticides.

This Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner With Rustproof Grommets

Even the cleanest showers can feel dirty if your liner is grimy — luckily, this liner is available for less than $10. It’s made from waterproof PEVA material that’s less likely to develop mildew than some comparable cloth liners, and the grommets at the top are even rustproof. Choose from more than 20 colors.

A Stainless Steel Drain Protector That Still Lets Water Flow Through When Clogged

Clogged pipes are rarely ever cheap to fix, which is only part of the reason why this drain protector is worth a look. Its tower-shaped design allows water to flow through, even when filled with hair or debris — and cleaning it is as easy as swiping your finger around the base to clear out all that crud. Plus, the stainless steel metal is unlikely to develop rust.

The Handled Pumice Stone That Powers Through Limescale

From water rings to limescale, this pumice stone easily powers through all sorts of stubborn grime inside your toilet. The handle gives you somewhere comfortable to grip when cleaning — and unlike a flimsy toilet brush, it’s tough on grime while still being gentle enough that it won’t leave behind scratches on tile, porcelain, and more.

A Car Seat Gap Filler That Helps Stop Items From Falling Between Your Seats

Tired of losing small items between the front seats in your car? Place one of these fillers inside the gap, and it’ll help keep items from going missing. They’re designed to work inside nearly any car, as the high-quality neoprene expands and contracts to fit gaps of almost any size. Plus, each order includes a small LED credit card light to help you find any items that have already fallen through.

This Stained Glass Window Film That Doesn’t Rely On Adhesive To Stay In Place

Not only does this privacy film have a colorful stained glass pattern, but it also stays in place on your windows using static cling — no need for any adhesive. The best part? It blocks up to 84% of harsh UVA rays yet still allows light to shine through, so there’s no need to worry about how it’ll affect your home’s natural lighting.