Weird Things Selling Out On Amazon Because They're So Damn Clever
50 Weird Things Selling Out On Amazon Because They're So Damn Clever

A magic gadget that turns your cleanser into marshmallow foam? Say more.

by Christina Wood
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That mess in the fridge makes dinner prep frustrating. Your car has turned into a disaster area. Your hair is frizzing and your skin is breaking out. Even everyday decisions are hard: Should I go to the pool or open a bottle of wine? Listen, though. There is a solution for every problem on your list. Hey, there are solutions for problems you haven’t even encountered yet. Not to fret. There’s an organizer for the fridge, a hack for keeping the car clean, and easy ways to prevent that hair frizz and breakout. There’s even an easy answer for that challenging chill-time decision: Pour the wine into an unbreakable glass and take it to the pool. Consult this list of these 50 weird things selling out on Amazon because they are so damn clever and you will find the answer to all of life’s difficult (and easy) questions.

These Colorful Fridge Shelf Liners

Fridge chaos is real. Find some Zen in there, starting with these fridge mats. They bring a much-needed pop of color, give everything a soft surface to land on, and are so easy to clean if something spills that you will wonder why you lived with such a dirty fridge before. “Love the colors and [how it keeps the] refrigerator organized and clean,” said one reviewer.

The Clever Way To Replace Your Colander

Ditch that cumbersome colander. This snap-on pot strainer is easier to use, easier to store, and easier to clean. Instead of clearing the sink to set a colander in it, snap this colorful solution to the pan and pour the water out. Your pasta stays in the pan so you can add sauce or take it from there.

The Neck Light That’s Better Than A Book Light

When reading the room — everyone wants to sleep — leads to you not being able to read your book, pull out this neck reading light. Wear it like a scarf and point its two lights at your reading material. Each light has three available color temperatures and three brightness levels. You can adjust each of them individually. It’s rechargeable and gets up to 80 hours on a charge. It comes in eight colors.

This Solution For The Tyranny Of Pet Fur

Keeping your dwelling free of pet fur is an ongoing battle if you have fur babies. This pet hair remover will be the finest tool in your armament. It is simple, requires no power or disposable replacements, and works super well. Just roll it back and forth over the couch or carpet and it grabs all the fur and stores it in the debris chamber. Empty it and keep going.

This Oil That Makes Your Nails Strong

A few drops of this revitalizing oil — cold-pressed safflower oil and winterized sunflower oil infused with vitamin E — onto your nail beds will work wonders on your manicure. “After using it for just a few days, my nails became, well… tough as nails,” said one reviewer. “The skin of my fingers has improved quite a bit as well.” Choose from 12 different scents.

The Unbreakable Wine Glass

Go ahead and take that wine to the pool, beach, or yard without fear of breaking your fine glassware — and getting glass in the sand or water. You can even toss these unbreakable wine glasses into your picnic basket and arrive with your drinkware intact. They are lightweight and come in lots of colors and patterns.

These Socks So You Don’t Slip Up

If you like padding around your house in socks but don’t want to slip and fly down the stairs, pull on these active grip socks with tiny dotted grippers that cover the entire foot. They are great for yoga and pilates classes, too. They come in a wide variety of sock styles including fuzzy, ballet slipper, ankle, sporty crew, and colors to fit whatever vibe or activity you are embracing.

A Better Cotton Round

You can tick “buy cotton rounds” off your to-do list forever because these reusable makeup remover pads are so much better. You can wash these and reuse them so there is no waste or guilt involved. They are cotton thick, thirsty, and pretty. And they come with a washing bag and ship in a container that makes for a great place to store them.

The Coffee You Take Into The Shower

There is no better way to start the day than with an excellent cup of coffee. Unless that cuppa is followed by a shower where you treat your epidermis to this delicious coffee scrub made with Kona coffee grounds, almond oil, and other delicious skin-loving emollients. “Absolutely love this product,” said one reviewer. “It exfoliates and hydrates at the same time!”

This Trick So You Don’t Have To Clean The Stove

If you cook regularly, you probably have a recipe that is deliciously crispy — even if it's only fried bacon — that you make in a frying pan. And you always have to decide if it's worth the effort of cleaning the stove after that meal spits all over it. Problem solved. Set this grease splatter screen over the pan while you cook and the spitting never gets out of the pan.

The Meat Thermometer You Need

The secret to a perfect steak is knowing the internal temperature of the meat. And unless you cook millions of them with the same tools, a meat thermometer is the only way to know that. This is the one. It’s easy to use. Just open it like a pocket knife and stab the probe into the meat. The screen is easy to read and there’s a hold button so you can read it away from the heat. It has a chart to tell you what temperature you are looking for printed on it. And it’s magnetic so you can stick it to the fridge or grill.

This Weird Foot Peel

Ready for the weirdest pedicure ever? Wrap your feet up in this foot peel mask and rest for an hour. Then wash off the mask and go about your life. Anywhere from six to 11 days later, your feet will begin to peel like a shedding snake. (Wear socks!) When your shed is complete, your feet will be like new and soft like a baby’s bum.

This Phone Mount For Every Phone & Situation

Whether you want to mount your phone — any model — from the dash, the window, or the air vents, this universal car phone mount will get it done in style. The grip rotates and it has an articulating, extendable arm for when you mount it too far from your line of sight. The lip at the bottom and clamps at the side hold your phone safe. It comes in five colors.

The Dog That Helps In The Kitchen

This cute Buddy dog is ready to help in the kitchen. Give him your spoon to hold. Sit her on the side of the pot and she will hold up the lid to release steam. Or just move them around the kitchen for company. There is also a crab or a Viking. Why not have a kitchen full of whimsy?

This Jar That Turns Cleansers Into Foam

Turn any cleanser — or your own cleanser mix concoction — into a whipped foam with a few pumps of this whip maker jar. Just pour in a cleanser, add any clay or other elements you want to add, and press the plunger handle. It will mix it up, whip it up, and deliver a marshmallow-like cleanser to your skincare routine.

The Milk Frother That Sits On Your Counter

Whip up a frothy beverage and imagine you are spending every morning in a French cafe, without leaving the comfort of home. This milk frother transforms whatever milk you prefer, nut, dairy, soy, into a delicious airy foam in seconds, whether you heat it up or sip it cold. Just dip the whisk into the milk and press the big button on top. It comes with a stand so you can store it on the counter and you can choose from seven colors.

This Trick For Keeping Your Car Clean

There is a secret hack for keeping your car clean so you never have to say, “Hold on! Let me just clean it!” before taking on passengers. It’s this 2-gallon car trash can. Secure it somewhere handy in the car and when you need to toss a wrapper or drink container, toss it right into this waterproof vessel. It has pockets to hold a few sundries and comes with 20 liners. But grocery bags work, too.

The Skin Care Repair Cream Made From Snails

Snail extract has a reputation for being a miracle worker in skin care. And this snail mucin repair cream is loaded with the stuff. Made from ethically grown and harvested snails, shea butter, aloe, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, it brightens and heals skin. “I am in love with this amazing cream and it truly does work miracles on my skin,” said one reviewer. “I adore the sweet soft scent that it has and how it is very quickly absorbed into my skin.”

This Food Thermos For Better Lunches

Pack a hot lunch wherever you go so you aren’t tempted to waste money or eat processed food. This lunch food jar holds 13.5 ounces, keeps your snacks hot or cold for hours, and comes in seven terrific colors. “I bought these for my kids' lunches and they have worked even better than I hoped,” said one reviewer. “I've been sending soups and pasta with them every day.”

The Exfoliating Brush That Stops Razor Bumps

This gentle exfoliating brush is the secret to avoiding those post-shave bumps and ingrown hairs. It fits into your palm and makes it easy to give any areas you plan to shave or wax a going over. The silicone bristles are soft enough to be used anywhere and quite effective. “This has literally changed the texture of my skin much for the better,” said one reviewer. “Using this body brush is invigorating [and] I am seeing major benefits.”

A Thermal Mat For Your Curling Iron

Don’t burn the house down by setting a hot curling iron down while you style your hair. This silicone hot tools mat is a safe place to set that tool down. The wavy texture gives your tools a bit of traction so they don’t roll off and you can use the mat as a pouch when you are traveling, even if it hasn’t had time to cool down. It comes in seven colors.

These Absorbent Cloths That Are Better Than Paper Towels

Forget using paper towels to clean. These Swedish dish cloths are just as absorbent and handy but are much more durable. You can wash them hundreds of times and keep using them till they fall apart. And when you are done with them, they will biodegrade.

The Detangling Brush With A Fan Club

Whether you brush your hair wet or dry, this detangling brush is gentle and effective. The flexible cone-shaped bristles unravel the tangles in your strands rather than ripping them out. This not only hurts less but it leaves your length intact. “I’m obsessed with this brush and love how it glides through my hair without breaking it,” said one of 53,000 five-star reviewers. “My friend asked me if I got a blowout. Life-changing.”

This Effective Lash Curler

Tame your wild lashes in a second with this eyelash curler. With two soft liner pads, it works quickly to curl your lashes upward so they are dramatic and tidy. The curler comes in a satin bag for travel and comes with a replacement set of pads. It’s gentle and made from high-quality stainless steel. “It actually curls, not crimps like other curlers, and doesn't pull out the lashes,” said one reviewer.

These Mats That Make Baking So Much Better

Save yourself so much trouble in the kitchen by lining baking sheets with these baking mats before you cook anything. They are nonstick so baked goods pop right off and greasy messes wash away easily. And your pan stays clean so washing up after a project is easy. This is a pack of four. Two are full sheets and two are half sheets.

A Super Absorbent Hair Wrap

Wrap your wet hair up in a microfiber hair towel after you wash it and leave it there while you get dressed. The thirsty fabric wicks water out of your hair so it dries much faster. This is a two-pack so you always have a dry one to reach for. It comes in 15 colors.

The Sandwich Maker For Perfect Pocket Snacks

Whip up a delicious grilled sandwich in minutes — without trashing the kitchen — with this sandwich maker that turns an ordinary stack of bread and fillings into hot, crispy pocket sandwiches. Just load them in, close the lid, and give it five minutes to produce a delicious meal. It cleans up with a wipe and is nonstick so it doesn’t need oil or butter to operate.

A Big Water Bottle That Tracks Your Intake

Stay perfectly hydrated without any guesswork by filling this half-gallon water bottle at the beginning of the day and matching the water level to the time as you go through the day. It comes with a chug lid and a straw lid so you can select your sipping style depending on the day you have planned. It comes in 30 colors.

This Cuticle Cream For Better Manicures

Rich in Japanese seaweed, aloe, bran oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, this cuticle cream treats your nails to a healthy treat that helps them grow and thrive. The container makes it super easy to deliver this treat to your hands without making a mess, too. “It moisturizes my cuticles instantly without being greasy and heavy,” said one reviewer. “A small dap is enough to soften and heal in just a few minutes.”

The Can Cooler For Skinny Cans

Drop your skinny cans of energy drinks, beer, or hard seltzer into a skinny can cooler that will not only keep your beverage cold but will also make it very clearly yours. Choose a favorite color or a cute pattern. “A cute way to keep your drink cool!” said one reviewer. “I left a drink in my car on a 100+ degree day for over 8 hours and it did not get hot.”

These Lip Brushes For A Soft Kisser

When your lips are dry, chapped, and dull, give them a solid scrub with one of these two double-sided silicone exfoliating brushes. They remove the dead skin and plump your lips so your kisser looks healthy and happy. Your lipstick will look better and your chapped lips will heal up faster.

The Wireless Phone Charger You Want In Ever Room

Instead of fumbling with a tiny plug at the end of a long day (and cursing in frustration), drop your phone effortlessly onto this wireless phone charger and collapse into bed without that daily irritant. “I don't know why I didn't switch to a wireless charger sooner,” said one of 128,000 five-star reviewers. “I've slowly been throwing away all my old charging cords and switching them out to this wireless charger.”

These Silicone Baking Cups That Don’t Stick

These reusable silicone baking cups make whipping up some cupcakes or egg bites so easy. They are nonstick so you can skip greasing the pan. They pull away from your creation easily and are super easy to clean. And they are always there because you can wash and reuse them endlessly. “I’m tired of the paper cup sticking to my corn muffins,” said one reviewer. “These work great.”

The Easy Way To Cut A Pizza

There is no need to break a hand trying to cut a crispy pizza when this super sharp cutter rocker exists. It cuts that pie into slices easily because you have all the leverage you need. Hold it with two hands and rock it to cut. Your pieces will be straight and your hands won’t complain. “This has changed my pizza life!” said one reviewer. “Cuts an average whole pizza all the way through quick as a wink!” It comes with a blade cover so storing it is easy, too.

These Produce Bags That Are So Much Better

Skip those irritating plastic bags in the produce aisle and pack in your own mesh produce bags. You won’t have to beg a stranger to help you get them open, they let the checkout scanner see through them to the codes, and they are the perfect place to store your fruits and veggies when you get home. This is a pack of 15 of them so you will always have a few clean ones to take shopping.

These Fake Lashes That Are Magnetic

Go super glam with these magnetic eyelashes. They are easy to attach. Just paint on the included eyeliner and press them on. This kit has 10 pairs that go from normal-level lush lashes to Vegas show glam lashes. You choose what lash level the event calls for. “Magnetic lashes have been my connection to the glam eye-lash craze!” said one reviewer. “These magnetic lashes are easy to apply and beautiful.”

A Folding Phone Stand

Your phone is the best alarm clock and bedside table clock in the house — if you have a stand for it. This folding cell phone stand lets you choose the angle you want the screen displayed at, has a channel for the charging cord, and folds up small so you can take it — and all your alarms — on the road with you. It’s made of lightweight, durable aluminum and comes in 10 colors.

The Tool That Mashes Better

Make fast work of mashing potatoes — or breaking up ground meat — with this masher and smasher. You will wonder why you wasted so much time and energy doing these jobs with inadequate tools. “I don't know how I ever could have lived without this product in my life,” said one reviewer. “Turned a 15-minute task into just a few glorious moments!”

These Packing Cubes That Compress

Get more into your suitcase while getting everything organized in there at the same time with these compression bags. Fill each of the three sizes with appropriate outfits — pants or sweaters in the big one and smaller items in the two medium ones — and then zip the second zipper closed to compress everything into a smaller package.

A Ring Light For A Better On-Camera Version Of You

If you spend any time on camera — selfies, photos, or Zoom calls — lighting is the secret to looking your best. This selfie ring light is the secret to creating the perfect lighting quickly and easily. Snap it over your camera and choose the lighting profile that looks best. It’s rechargeable and portable.

The Easy Way To Clean Makeup Brushes

You don’t have to spend hours getting your makeup brushes clean — or ignore this necessary chore to the detriment of your complexion. This makeup brush cleaner makes fast work of the task. Fill the bowl with water and a splash of cleanser. Then fit your brush into an appropriate handle and dip the business end into the bowl. Press the button and your brush spins in there, getting super clean. Spin it in the air to dry it.

These Towels That Are Perfect For The Gym

Your gym bag called and it wants its own towels. It wants this quick-dry towel three-pack, to be specific. The towels roll up small, quickly absorb lots of water, and dry out super fast. And the set includes a towel for carting around the workout machines, one for your hair, and a big one for your body.

The Clever Way To Snack On The Road

You are rolling down the road in some cold blue steel. You’ve some fries up front and your hands on the wheel. All you need is this dip clip attached to the vents so you can sauce your snack without dripping on the seats. This two-pack holds the condiment packs you get from fast-food outlets and puts your sauce within easy dipping reach.

The Jar Spatula That Looks Like A Platypus

When the mayo jar is nearly empty or you need that last bit of peanut butter that’s clinging to the bottom of the jar, call Splatypus for help! This jar spatula looks like a platypus, uses its flexible beak to reach into jars and scoop out everything, and works really well for spreading that PB on bread, too.

This Snail That Dispenses Soap

Why tolerate boring when it comes to the necessary accouterments of your bath or kitchen? This snail soap dispenser will make you smile every time you wash your hands. Press the shell and it spits some soap into your hand. It comes in three colors. “I've got a forest-themed bathroom and got this lil’ guy as an accent,” said one reviewer. “All my friends have commented on how cute it is.”

The Smart Way To Eat Crispy Cereal

If you enjoy a bowl of Cap’n Crunch (or granola) the most before the crisp is gone from your grains, this anti-soggy cereal bowl is the vessel to use. Fill one side with cereal and the other with milk. Dip your crispy treat into the milk you eat. No more racing to finish. It’s a great serving dish for dips and the vehicles (chips, crackers, veggies) they ride on, too.

This Slicer That Saves You Work

Save yourself some time and get uniform results by setting soft cheese, avocado, eggs, fruits, and other soft items you want to slice into this kitchen slicer and closing the guillotine lid on them. The textured surface makes sure nothing slips around and the thin wires cut right through everything quickly. It comes in two colors.

The Comfortable Way To Watch On A Tablet

If you love lying in bed watching movies on your tablet, upgrade that experience with this tablet pillow stand. It holds the screen at just the right angle to take the work away from your hands, has a lip so your device stays put, and even has a slot to drop your pen into. It’s soft and gentle on your lap and your tablet.

These Scissors For Cutting Herbs

Chopping herbs can be an irritating kitchen chore. So skip it and use this pair of herb scissors instead. The five blades make fast work of the task and you can cut your herbs directly into the dish you are preparing. It comes with a clever comb for cleaning between the blades and a cover to protect the scissors while stored.

The Tool For Cleaning Crevices

Cleaning your window frames, shower door tracks, or other small and hard-to-reach places doesn’t have to be hard. You just need this gap cleaning tool to get into the crevices. It has a thin brush, slender scraper, and an elevated and ergonomic handle so you don’t hurt your hand in the process.