Gabby Gonzalez and Tyler Bergantino

Everyone Wanted Tyler & Gabby To Date After Their Street Interview

Turns out, they were right.

In June, Gabby Gonzalez and Tyler Bergantino stumbled upon the perfect recipe for TikTok virality: a street interview featuring two people (who are more than 6 feet tall) and loads of chemistry. Since posting on June 2, the video of their first IRL interaction, where they discussed how height plays into dating, has gained more than 5.1 million likes and 20,000 comments, most of them along the lines of “Did we just witness two people fall in love?”

The commenters weren’t completely off-base. Gonzalez, 21, and Bergantino, 30, have been happily dating ever since that meet-cute. The couple first met up during Miami Swim Week for a TikTok collab without any intention of finding romance — both creators wanted to focus on their careers. “I was not planning on dating in 2024,” Bergantino tells Elite Daily. Gonzalez felt the same, but she pushed her timeline even further back, not wanting to date until 2025 or 2026.

But as TikTok now knows, the duo’s chemistry was impossible to ignore. Apparently, after the cameras stopped rolling, Bergantino had a hard time saying goodbye. “I was supposed to do more interviews that night, but I just wanted to stay with her a little bit longer,” he recalls.

He asked Gonzalez if she’d be willing to do a Part 2 of their conversation, and he asked her out for coffee before the video ended. They’ve been seeing each other since then — a story so sweet that the Internet is partially convinced it’s “too good to be true.” (One online conspiracy accused them of being an elaborate PR stunt since they have the same talent managers — a theory they both label as “hilarious.”)

Here, Bergantino and Gonzalez open up about how their relationship started, debunk the critical rumors, and tell the story of their favorite follower interaction.

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Elite Daily: Tell me about your initial meeting. Was your first interaction what we all saw in that viral video?

Gabby Gonzalez: We connected through Instagram a few weeks beforehand.

Tyler Bergantino: Originally, I saw a video of her where she was talking about some personal life stuff that I related to. At the very end of the video, she mentioned being 6’1”. I was like, “Sick,” so I followed her but never reached out.

GG: Then I DMed him to collab, and we realized we were both going to Miami for Swim Week. We were genuinely making a business move at first.

TB: And now here we are.

ED: Before you posted, did you have any inkling that the comments would be shipping you together?

TB: I’ve interviewed other tall girls, and there’s always a good 15% of comments that say “You guys should get married.” But this was something completely different. People picked up on the real chemistry.

GG: Neither of us anticipated the comments to be as intense as they were. But after watching his other videos with tall girls, one where the girl literally had a boyfriend and people were saying they should date, I thought, “People are going to try to put us together, but I’m not mad about it.”

TB: Yeah, I actually got nervous after we recorded the video. I held onto it for a little bit. I was talking with Gab and knew I was interested, and I didn’t want the comments to make her feel any pressure. But it all worked out.

We both knew the tension was there. I feel like the camera being on just gave us an excuse to be more bold.

ED: How did it go from viral video to first date?

TB: After the first video, I suggested doing a Part 2. And at the end of our second video, I asked her out for coffee. I had a hunch she was going to say yes.

GG: We both knew the tension was there. I feel like the camera being on just gave us an excuse to be more bold.

ED: You started off your relationship in the public eye. Do you plan to keep it that way?

TB: Our relationship is like an iceberg. There’s so much we haven’t filmed or talked about — basically, all of it is still private.

GG: We both have a crazy connection where we’re on the same page, whether we’re deciding not to record something or recording a video a week later after we’ve processed things. We communicate what we’re comfortable with.

TB: We have a lot of times where we just put our phones on the table. We don’t look at them for an hour or two, so we can just be present.

ED: With public relationships, people are always weighing in. What’s that like to navigate?

TB: It’s whispers; it’s not really noise.

GG: There’s always going to be buzz about something. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. I see comments saying we’re ugly and annoying. I don’t think we’re ugly and annoying, but of course, maybe 0.2% of people are going to think that. Since we have that confidence in each other, none of it really matters.

TB: A lot of the mean comments are just bots. Everybody that comes up to us in person is sweet.

ED: Have you been recognized by followers while on dates?

GG: My favorite example is when we were in line at Disney, and the guy in front of us was like, “Wait, I know you two. I’ve seen you on Instagram. So wait, it’s real?” Then his little sister came over and said, “Oh, he doesn’t believe anything on social media, so I’m happy he’s seeing that you guys are real.” Apparently, he thought it was too good to be true. That makes me happy.

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ED: I’ve seen some conspiracy theories online about your relationship. What do think of the rumor that this is all an elaborate PR stunt?

TB: I think it’s hilarious, like we’re some evil marketing geniuses over here. Jeez, thank you for the compliment. Just for context, I had quit my job a week and a half before, and I was freaking out. That’s a scary jump to make.

After all this happened, I was bombarded with talent managers reaching out. I got a little bit overwhelmed, and then Gab suggested having a conversation with her managers just to put me in the right direction. They made a really good impression, so I signed with them.

GG: Once he did sign, I had a feeling people would notice because he’d put it in his bio. I was like, “Oh boy, this might be interesting.”

TB: But if we were trying to hide that, why would we put it in our bio? The logic doesn’t add up.

GG: I also don’t think people understand what talent managers do if they think they’re setting something up like this. Our managers respond to emails. They don’t play matchmaker.

ED: So many people are over dating apps at this point, hoping to meet their next partner in real life. Why do you think it worked in your case?

TB: It sounds so cliche, but my mom was right. When you’re not looking, it finds you.

You have to become the person you want to be to attract the person you want to have. There’s that Jerry Maguire line “You complete me.” But if you can be complete within yourself, you can find somebody that complements you. That’s your best partner.

GG: I agree. Once you feel complete by yourself, then you’re ready. I’m so grateful for everything Tyler does, down to holding my bags for me, because I was happy carrying them by myself before. Everything’s just an add-on.

ED: Could TikTok street interviews be the next go-to move for upgrading your dating life?

GG: I think the street interview concept worked because we went into it just wanting to make a cool video. Then once we realized we had a very similar creative mind, we were able to go from there.

Everybody’s different, but I’ve always thought it’s hard to meet somebody if your initial intention is to just hook up or date. Meeting the person organically is best.

TB: Yeah, if you lead with friendship and something more comes from it, that’s when you get to build a good structure and foundation. I think apps take away some of that chemistry.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.