This OnlyFans Star Rates Dick Pics For A Living

Siri Dahl is an expert in the art of a great nude.

Elite Daily; Courtesy of Siri Dahl

You’ve probably seen dick pics on the Internet, asked a partner to send you one directly, or been the recipient of a few you never asked for. But if anyone understands them best (like, in a truly professional way), it’s Siri Dahl, an adult content creator, performer, and sex work advocate who literally makes her living rating dick pics.

With more than 1 million followers across OnlyFans, Instagram, and Twitter, Dahl is, by all definitions, a huge success in the adult world. She got her start in 2012 doing studio porn, then returned after a five-year hiatus to a very different moment in the industry — one where she could build her own brand directly on OnlyFans. In March, she appeared in Netflix’s documentary Money Shot: The Pornhub Story, where she explained a specific niche she’s developed in recent years: rating penis photos over OF private message or video.

“I’ve got your dick pic pulled up in front of me, and um, you have a nice-looking dick,” Dahl told one client in the documentary. “You’ve got a great dick; it’s ample-sized. It looks very well moisturized. It’s reminiscent of a really big banana. I’m giving you a 7 out of 10.”

In the world of adult entertainment, there is no shortage of content to be made, DMs to be answered, or dick pics to be rated. Below, Dahl tells Elite Daily how she began doing this, what she enjoys about rating dick pics for a living as a 30-something, and what it takes to snap a really good nude.


Elite Daily: First things first: I need to know how you started rating dick pics. Where did the idea come from?

Siri Dahl: I started doing it right after I made my OnlyFans account in 2019. I was getting a lot of DM requests from subscribers asking for a dick rating, and I was like, “Excuse me, you want what?” A fan explained to me, “I’m going to send you a photo of my penis and give you however much money you tell me, and you are going to tell me what you think of it, with a rating on a scale of some sort.” And I was like, “All right. You know what? That’s better than just getting unsolicited dick pics.”

ED: I’m sure that happens anyways, so you might as well be paid for it, right?

SD: Oh yeah, absolutely. It’s actually great because now when I do get an unsolicited dick pic, I just respond, “Oh, did you mean to send your tip along with this for a dick rating?”

ED: What do you enjoy about rating dick pics?

SD: They’re very fun to do. The more dick photos I’ve looked at and rated, the more I realize it’s not so much about the actual penis as much as the effort that goes into the photo itself and little details I gather. If someone just sends you a random photo they took of their penis, there’s a lot you can guess about them based on their surroundings.

ED: Like what?

SD: Most of the time they’re in their bedroom, laying in bed or something, but then in the background, you can still kind of see what’s going on back there. And of course, I’m a nosy b*tch about it. For example, a zero rating for me would be when someone literally — regardless of if they have a ginormous and beautiful dick — sends me a photo of them standing over a toilet. Guys will do that, and I’m just like, “This is unacceptable. I don’t want to see a photo of your toilet. Stop.” The lighting’s bad. It’s like you just peed, and then you got a boner and decided to send me a photo of it. That’s gross. Sometimes that’s an automatic zero, or I might even give them a negative score.

ED: Do you ever give a 10 out of 10?

SD: Very rarely, but it’s happened. It has to be a very nice-looking, well-proportioned penis. Plus, everything else about the photo has to be impressive, like the lighting, quality, and pose.

ED: Are your fans usually happy when you rate them? If you give someone a negative score, are they like… “Thank you”?

SD: I don’t think they like it very much, but I’m not just straight-up mean. I’ll say, “This is your score, but this is a learning opportunity.” I have a video pinned on my OnlyFans page about how to take a good dick pic, so I might send that video and say, “Maybe take a look at this for next time.”

As long as the demand is there ... I guess I’m going to be rating dicks for the rest of my life.

ED: Do you ever rate people of other genders or photos other than dicks?

SD: I have fans all over the gender spectrum, but most of the rating requests I get are still from cis men wanting me to rate their penis. But once in a while, I’ve gotten “Rate my pussy” or “Rate my boobs.” It feels more sensitive to look at a photo someone sent me of their vagina and give it a rating. I am always incredibly positive and generous — there’s no such thing as a low rating for anyone’s pussy in my mind.

ED: Regardless of one’s gender, what do you think makes for a great nude?

SD: Lighting is key. Pay attention when you take selfies at your house. Which ones do you tend to like? What makes your skin look the best? In terms of a pose, you want something that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Also, a nude doesn’t have to be like Hustler magazine, with your legs spread open. There’s a whole spectrum of nude photography and how racy it can get. If you’re not used to taking nudes, maybe start with a pose that you feel is cute and displays the parts of your body you’re excited to show off. You don’t have to think, “Oh, I’m taking a nude, so I have to put it all out there.” That’s not necessarily the point. I personally consider lingerie photos to be effective nudes.

ED: You’re obviously a pro at this. Do you think that you’ll continue to rate dick pics for the rest of your career?

SD: I mean, there are always going to be more people who haven’t had a dick rating from me, so honestly, I don’t see it becoming a thing I get tired of. As long as the demand is there, I’m going to be happy to do them. So I guess I’m going to be rating dicks for the rest of my life.

ED: Lastly, you mentioned that you’re an advocate for sex work. Is there an initiative or cause you’d like to mention for how people can support sex workers?

SD: I’m always trying to promote the Free Speech Coalition. It’s an industry trade association, and it has a lobbying arm that fights for the rights of the adult industry. As adult stars, we can have our bank accounts shut down randomly, even though the work we do is legal, so they fight for our rights. Not enough people who are fans of porn understand how precarious the existence of our industry is.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.