Yael Kaufman


Yael is your average girl. She's an LA native and a UCLA graduate. She considers herself a dabbler and likes writing, music, hamburgers, Candy Crush, art, traveling, and the Food Network. She is currently based in LA, but hopes to scale more of the globe within the next 10 years. She's also completely ridiculous. Feel free to say hi!

Saying Goodbye: Why It's Okay To Leave Some People In The Past

By Yael Kaufman
I have trouble giving up on people. As a kid, I tried to make friends with everyone. I never made trouble and stayed away from drama — that was enough back then. I had a lot of friends and I had a lot of play dates. I was happy. As I grew older and…

How Eliminating Unrealistic Expectations Can Make You A Happier Person

By Yael Kaufman
Do you feel like you’re constantly being let down? Do you feel like nothing ever goes as planned? Are you frustrated? Do you know why? Well, it probably has to do with your expectations. Don’t lower or raise your expectations — just eradicate them…

4 Simple Ways You Can Make The World A Better Place Without Doing Much At All

By Yael Kaufman
We live in a beautiful world that is full of ugly things. It’s impossible to get through a day without hearing about conflicts or tragedies. Though it may not be pleasant, it’s crucial that we remain aware of the suffering that transpires around us…

21 Reasons A Book Is The Most Beautiful And Productive Form Of Escape

By Yael Kaufman
I love books. In my life I’ve started far too many and finished some. It doesn’t matter though. There’s something about the feel of a book that lurches my insides in the best possible way. I love everything about books. I love that there are more in…

5 Reasons You Should Give Your Fingers A Rest And Actually Call Your Family And Friends

By Yael Kaufman
How many friends do you have on Facebook? How many followers on Instagram and Twitter? How many contacts in your cell phone? Chances are, those numbers are big. We’re skilled at mobile communication and social media, which is nothing that should…

Why You Should Always Make Time For "Me Time"

By Yael Kaufman
You’re really busy. You work long hours. Maybe you have to wake up at 5 am to beat traffic and don’t get home until 7 or 8 pm because traffic beat you. You’re exhausted, but as you contemplate an extra early bed time, you look at yourself in the…