Vicki Baron


Vicki is a London-based journalist, playwright and theatre director. She writes articles about women, lifestyle and the performing arts. She refuses to seek help for her severe coffee addiction.

Social Skeptic: 5 Ways We Can All Stay Sane While Using Social Media

By Vicki Baron
It's no secret that Generation-Y is the champion of social media. We are firm Facebook friends, Instagram aficionados and resolutely Team Twitter, but how savvy are we when it comes to self-preservation? We use social media to organize events, share…

What The Cast Of 'Friends' Would Look Like In This Generation

By Vicki Baron
One of the great strengths of the sitcom “Friends” was that its ensemble cast represented six very familiar categories of people: the geeky one, the prom queen, the control freak, the kooky one, the player and the funny one. Viewers felt close to…

5 Reasons Why Boy Friends Are Way Better Than Actual Boyfriends

By Vicki Baron
Despite the ever-worrisome presence of "the friend zone" and the potential for our other halves to become jealous, friendships — with people of any gender — are very important to Generation-Y. As a 20-something who has experienced her fair share of…

Little Fish In A Big Pond: 4 Telltale Signs You Grew Up In A Large Family

By Vicki Baron
No matter how grown-up and independent we become as adults, we always carry our childhood dynamics with us. Our upbringing shapes our attitude about holiday traditions, religion and even the correct method to scramble eggs. These handed-down…

Dear Generation-Z: Please Don't Use Us As An Example, But Rather, Learn From Our Mistakes

By Vicki Baron
On behalf of Generation-Y, I would like to address our succeeding generation. Gen-Z, we have made a few mistakes here and there that we think you should learn from and a few highlights we'd like you to carry forward. I never thought I'd say such a…

#CurlyHairProblems: The 6 Struggles Every Person With Curly Hair Faces

By Vicki Baron
When it comes to physical attributes, the grass is definitely always greener on the other side. We all know someone with a perfect figure we envy, or a clear complexion we would kill to have. This impulsive jealousy is completely understandable in…