Summer Schmier


Summer is a college senior, has a published fiction novel, and a sole hobby of making people happy

I Tried To Have An Out-Of-Body Experience 4 Different Ways And, Honestly, It Was Crazy

By Summer Schmier
It seems counterintuitive, the idea of leaving your body. That you could be separate from it, that you can be sitting on the outside looking in. But that's what an out-of-body experience is: It's leaving yourself for even just a moment and…

8 Couples Who Will Never, Ever Make It, Based On Their Zodiac Signs

By Summer Schmier
You claim you and your lover are destined for eternity. Your lover keeps you up at night with wild, wild, wild thoughts and you swear they’re the one. They have your mind and heart twisted inside out with curiosity and longing. You want everything…

How To Determine The Love You Deserve, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

By Summer Schmier
Not everyone believes in a love that's "written in the stars" and, of course, that's fine (because they're probably just Capricorns). Whether you believe in analyzing the stars or not, it's hard not to get a little rush from peeking at some of those…

5 Beginner Exercises You Can Do Now To Make Working Out In The Future A Lot Easier

By Summer Schmier
I used to watch girls in the gym who could lift massive weights or squat those huge barbells, and I would wonder: How did they get there? Were they ever as lazy as me? How long did it take for them to achieve such a warrior status? Close your eyes…

5 No-Sweat Exercises You Can Do Without Ever Taking Your Jeans Off

By Summer Schmier
Jeans are one of the only clothing items you can actually wear year-round, and if you're truly a denim lover, you never really want to take them off. It's borderline obsessive: Sometimes you even sleep in them; you just can't seem to part ways. It's…

6 Beginner Yoga Poses That Will Finally Help Justify All Those Leggings You Own

By Summer Schmier
I see you, girl. I see you beneath those purple liquid mesh butt-accentuating yoga pants. But I don't know you. Have you been doing yoga your whole life? Are you a poser? You've been strutting around in incredible leggings for years now, but no…

5 Tasty Ways To Work Out With Your Favorite Food So You'll Actually Enjoy Exercise

By Summer Schmier
To all my fellow lazy women: What sounds more magical than munching crisp, salty potato chips and getting great exercise at the same time? Literally nothing. That's why I've put together a series of unique (and safe) workouts tailored specifically…