Rena Ou Yang


Rena is currently studying the riveting combination of Law and Biomedical Science at Monash University in Australia. She balances her studies with traveling, social work, yoga and procrasti-baking (followed by procrasti-eating).

10 Everyday Things We Can Do To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

By Rena Ou Yang
The battle against climate change was recently accelerated by President Obama’s new Clean Power Plan to cut emissions from power plants. It’s a clear message that action needs to be taken to protect our environment. Luckily, it’s a message we can…

No More Pencils, No More Books: 10 Lessons We Learn Out Of The Classroom

By Rena Ou Yang
When I will think back on my college days, what I remember the most vividly has nothing to do with the classes I took. It has continually been said that college has never really been about the degree itself, but rather, the college experience as a…

6 Women In Your Life To Acknowledge On International Women's Day

By Rena Ou Yang
It’s that wonderful time of the year again where we take a moment to appreciate all the amazing women around the world and their achievements. Simultaneously, the spotlight shines on problems women continue to face and many organizations run…

Role Models, Not Runway Models: How Diversity Won NYFW's Best Trend

By Rena Ou Yang
Fashion, celebrities, models and flashing cameras only mean one thing; it must be New York Fashion Week. The glamorous event has taken over the equally glitzy city and my Instagram is filled with perfectly-filtered images of beautiful models with…

Chinese New Year: The Importance Of Sharing And Understanding Culture

By Rena Ou Yang
As a South African-born Asian and Australian citizen currently living in the UK (try to digest that), I’m incredibly lucky to have experienced a smorgasbord of different cultures. It seems perfectly normal to me that my family living room has an…