Michela Parisi


After graduating from CU Boulder with a degree in clinical psychology, Michela bought a one way ticket to live and teach English in Florence, Italy. Her passions include forensic psychology, holistic nutrition, fitness and traveling.

6 Invaluable Lessons That Make Moving Away From Home Worth All The Pain

By Michela Parisi
The fourth time I moved, I found myself alone in the middle of Florence, Italy. The time before that? College in Colorado. Before Colorado? The central coast of California. Before California? My parents' house. Sometimes, I thought the moves were…

Why Becoming An Au Pair Is The Best Way To Travel The World

By Michela Parisi
Nearly a year ago, I was finishing my final stretch of college. Like most college seniors, I intensely studied all day in the library and all night in my apartment. I lived off coffee and the satisfaction of acing every test that came my way. I…

One-Way Ticket To Italy: 5 Things That Made Me Reevaluate My Wanderlust

By Michela Parisi
Want to know what it’s like to buy a one-way ticket to a foreign country for an indefinite period of time? When I told my family and friends I was packing up and going to Italy, I didn’t hear a single person say, "Why? That’s a bad idea." That’s…

How College Establishes The Blueprint For The Rest Of Your Life

By Michela Parisi
If your freshman year of college was anything like mine, you were overwhelmed by going through this significant transition at a very young age. During the first week of school, I remember laying in my twin-xl bed at my out-of-state college with the…

Why Teenage Love Is The Purest, Most Honest Form Of Connection

By Michela Parisi
We are raised in a society that frowns upon the immaturity of teenagers and views reckless behavior as a misunderstanding of life and a need for guidance. Think back to when you had your first taste of love. Maybe you realize now it wasn’t love, or…

Why Home Is Truly Found In People, Not Places

By Michela Parisi
After we move, we often find ourselves searching for pieces of home. It is terrifying to leave the safety of our parents' house to go to school, find a job, live on our own and make a new life. In these unfamiliar situations, bits and pieces of home…