Melanie Mignucci

Melanie Mignucci is the Health & Wellness editor at Bustle, where she oversees coverage of health, mental health, and identity, along with web culture and lifestyle news. Prior to Bustle, she worked at Teen Vogue, where she helped cover the 2016 election and contributed to wellness coverage on both print and digital. She is a founding editor of Elite Daily's first bilingual series, Más que suficiente (More Than Enough), a running franchise exploring what it means to be Latina today. Her bylines appear in BUST, Bustle,, The Outline, and Teen Vogue, among other publications. She has a degree in Creative Writing and Spanish Studies from Bard College. IRL, she is likely cooking something medium-elaborate, doing pilates, or other textbook Capricorn activities. You can find her on Instagram @melanie.mignucci and Twitter @melaniemignucci.