Kyra Alessandrini

Kyra Alessandrini is a French-American writer and reporter based in New York City. She’s currently a style writer at Byrdie and a news writer at Essence. Her work was featured in both French and English language publications such as Time, Nylon and Courrier International. She interned at RFI and Louis Vuitton (LVMH) in Paris. Kyra has written and reported on a wide variety of topics including culture, fashion, entertainment, mental health, social justice, history and organized crime.

She graduated with a Master of Science from Columbia Journalism School. Prior to that, she was a humanities student at La Sorbonne in Paris and attended University College London for a year as part of the E.U.’s Erasmus+ program.

Outside of writing and interviewing, Kyra has a passion for travel, street photography and live music. Follow her on Instagram at @kyraless.