Karlina Slisane


Karlina is a contributing writer based in New York. She is currently pursuing an honorary degree in psychology at Hunter College and researching anxiety treatment. When she isn't consumed by science books, she has interest in performing and visual arts,witty humor and good wine.

How Having More Options Naturally Leads To Limited Experiences

By Karlina Slisane
Our generation is constantly evolving. We live in an era where scientific and technological discoveries are made daily, and we are no longer amazed by the advantages new discoveries bring us. We expect improvements just like we expect a new iPhone…

The Difference Between Dating A Guy And Just Liking The Idea Of Him

By Karlina Slisane
Sometimes we like a person, and sometimes we like the idea of a person. The two do not always end up being the same. Many can recall the popular romantic comedy of the late 80s, "When Harry Met Sally," which is centered on Harry's relationship with…

Why The Only Person You Should Consult Is Yourself When Making Decisions

By Karlina Slisane
There are two types of decisions: the ones you make on your own and the ones others make for you. People crave control, so most prefer to make their own life choices. However, more often than not, we do not make the decisions independently. We…

4 Ways You Can Stop Drowning In The Downward Spiral Of Self-Inflicted Anxiety

By Karlina Slisane
Fear is a subjective concept that no two people define the same way. What we fear most varies from person to person, and we experience a slight form of fear every day. Questions of uncertainty often interfere with our daily flow of thoughts. A…

How Your Habitual Scrolling Is Affecting Your Moods More Than You Think

By Karlina Slisane
Ever since we were introduced to smartphones that included high definition cameras, we started to share more information on our social media platforms. Nowadays, it is much easier to showcase moments of our lives, since there was no need to plug our…

How Time Really Does Heal All Wounds If You Just Let It Run Its Course

By Karlina Slisane
We have all been there: We’ve all experienced that heartbreak, fight or relationship that scarred us to the bone. We have all heard the same subsequent advice before: “Give it time.” Time heals all wounds, right? Is there truth to that? What feels…